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Add a Product Category Display to Homepage


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I have been researching the forums looking for a way to add a specific category to the homepage. I want the products in the category to display like the Latest Products do. And I am looking to locate it above the Latest Products.

This is the most popular category for my store, so I would really like the homepage focus to be on those products. I am trying to find out what I need to modify in the content.homepage.php in order to do this.

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I've only seen a mod that puts panels to target categories on the homepage. It does not show a grid of products associated with those categories.

There is Featured Products, and then, when in admin, have the Products list filtered to show only those products within a specific category. Then it becomes easy to mark as 'Featured' any or all of those pertinent products.

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We do have a V4 mod that does this - it allows you to specify one or more specific categories, choose the products within those categories and even change the title show to something other than the category name.  We havent yet rewritten this for V6 as a plugin but might consider it if there is enough interest.

You can see it working on some basic V4 sites :  http://www.coinmogul.com  and http://www.expert-garden-tools.co.uk


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