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Options Matrix, how does this work


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Not doing anything wrong. (but maybe misunderstand the purpose of the Options Matrix table if you are using it to just identify what is out of stock.)

CubeCart has not (yet) figured out how to code for displaying option selectors for option combinations loaded in the Options Matrix table.

For example, red, green, yellow, small, medium, large. There are nine rows in the Options Matrix table. There is a selector for Color and a Selector for Size being shown on the Product page. There is zero stock for red-small. But there is stock for red-medium so you can't completely eliminate red as a choice.

When the customer adds the product with the choices of red and small options to the basket, CubeCart, at that time, determines if red-small is in stock.

This process applies to all options and option combinations where stock levels can be set.

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2 hours ago, keat said:

I'm not sure mine is working, even if i select red and small as matrix options, set stock to zero and use stock level.

It still allows me to add to the basket ??

Which skin are you using and have you tested the behaviour with a stock unaltered version of Foundation skin ?

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If I have 'Use Stock Level' checked on the General page, and say there are 99 items in stock.

Then on the matrix I mark a particular group of products out of stock, when I view the cart the whole product is marked out of stock.

Even though I do have an option available. ie 2amp.

If i unckeck 'Use Stock Level' on the general page, then it allows me to add to my basket, even though the matrix says it's out of stock.




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I think I might have figured this out, although it makes little sense.

It seems to work backwards.to how you'd think.

On the main product General tab, set use stock level as checked and input a stock level.

Then on the matrix, add each option to the matrix, check use stock level, and put a stock figure for everything other than the combination which is out of stock.

Surely it would have made more sense to mark the one combination out of stock, rather than every other combination in stock ??

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On the one hand, Product Options and the Options Matrix table is simple enough that no documentation is necessary.

On the other hand, if something isn't behaving as you've been told or are assuming, then you think maybe you are doing something wrong*.

On the third hand, it could be something else is malfunctioning - not at all a case of "operator error".

(* I'm currently trying to get Eclipse, Tomcat, and web page tutorials to all work together. What a freakin' nightmare this is!!)

So, this may involve getting deep and dirty into the code to learn why your experience is not typical. Send me a PM with your email address.

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