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Cart Price didn't add up correctly for check out!!!


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I had an order come in yesterday with 4 items in the cart.

2 x $8.00 = 16.00

1 x $54.00

1 x $54.00

Total should have been  $124

However, the total came up $70.00 + shipping. The customer completed checkout through paypal and paid the 70 and shipping. I have since closed the store to try and find out why this is occuring. I can't see any reasoning. I do not have coupons or anything of that nature to cause this. I am running 6.0.8

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Did the customer change his order at any point.

We found a bug on our V3 site where a customer could get to around stage 3 or 4 of the checkout, if at this point he went back to the cart, any changes would not be reflected at the checkout.

Although, I've just tried to recreate this on V6 and it wasn't apparent.




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I'd screenshot it, but they're too far apart.

The two $8.00 items had over 10 in stock.

One of the $54.00 items has 92 in  stock

The other $54.00 item had 3 in stock.


Since then I have had two orders come in for one of each of the $54.00 items and the stock level is working properly. When I declined the problematic order, the stock levels went back up respectively as well.

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