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Selling tickets to events with CC6


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Smallmouse wrote in 2008

"Hi again,

I am trying to sell tickets to events online using cubecart. Is there any way that when the customer enters in the number of tickets they require and add to basket, then they are given a form to fill in with the names of those attending for each ticket?

I am really stuck with how to do this. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


I am trying to do the same, however at the moment I use digital items and have the attendees registered name only. Would be nice to a full blown ticket agency using a CC plugin.

Any takers?

regards Duncan

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Brian, thanks for the query. I mean that the registered person who buys the tickets, gives me their name (and other details) and therefore the other attendees are not registered and I don't have their details. Its not an issue for me. But may be worthwhile for others.

An issue I find with digital items is the stock control. The number of items does not decrease with orders. This may be (in this case) as the tickets are free and there is no transactions in the transactions log.

have a good day.

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In my experience, of the two or three installations where "tickets" are sold, it has always been one ticket per customer.

But I did plan for the situation where a customer were to buy tickets on behalf of others, so I made the Customer Comments box at checkout the place to have them add the contact details. (In some jurisdictions, a ticket to an event includes the purchaser of the ticket as a co-beneficiary of any liability insurance that the ticket purchase provides -- not the bearer of the ticket.)

I have seen CC6 not go through a payment gateway if the Total is zero. It is the payment gateway that triggers stock management. On the other hand, if the Store Settings are such that Reducing Stock Levels is set to Pending, then stock management may work in this case. But this may not be a desired global setting.

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