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Cart Issues


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Currently when a user clicks Continue Shopping after adding something to the cart and then Clicks "Continue Shopping" it takes me to the front page but it shows on the cart icon that nothing has been added.

When I try to click on the cart icon it tells me that my cart is empty.

However, when I go into another item, add it and then click Checkout, it shows all of the items in the cart.

ALSO, it only lets me delete one item from the cart unless i refresh the page.


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I just went to stl314 cubecart site and it is the exact same issue. Have to refresh page to see any changes to cart at all. Add or Remove to cart.

I am trying to wrap my head around why both his and ours started same week. Could it be a external add-in or something, just trying to think what would cause this on two different sites. 

4 minutes ago, stl314 said:

Latest Cubecart

and foundation

Who is your hosting through?  I wonder if we both have same host company and it is something there?

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1 minute ago, stl314 said:


Same here, so where do we go from here?

Someone suggested that HotLink protection might be causing the issue, but I just checked and it is turned off in my cpanel.

Anyone have any other suggestions, we both are using same hosting company, different versions of Cubecart and themes but have same issue?

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36 minutes ago, stl314 said:

Thanks! let me know, because I am starting to think it is something on their end. I havent touched any code or files and this started out of nowhere

John F-Hostgator: According to our admins this is related to the caching issue going on right now, so what I'm doing is noting all of this information to them, the issue is widespread throughout all of HostGator, so fixes will be employed and the sites will be working as normal.

I asked for an ETA and he couldn't give me one, just that services should be restored eventually. A hour, a day, a week, a month.... no clue....   So consider this thread closed, at least for me.

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OK they fixed it sometime last night I am assuming. I checked early this morning and all is working as it should.  I honestly have had great service with Hostgator, I have been with them since 2004, I host about 24 sites with them on a reseller account. Maybe you get priority service being a reseller I am not sure. Anyways its fixed! Thanks for eveyones help. If I didn't see stl314's post I probably wouldn't have put two and two together so that saved a lot of time banging my head.


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On 2/3/2017 at 8:52 PM, stl314 said:

I am considering leaving hostgator for the exact reason, but i dread moving all of my sites!

If you are interested in moving your sites, I would be happy to move them all for you for no extra charge.  We have moved a lot from hostgator including DB and also several clients with reseller accounts, when the problems they were having with hostgator got too much.  We offer individual E-Commerce accounts on servers especially tuned for CubeCart (highly tuned MySQL, Zend OpCache, Memcached and REDIS etc) plus offer free CubeCart support on these accounts and also have reseller accounts if you want to host multiple sites.


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