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No prompt to upgrade in Admin section


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My last upgrade took me to version 6.1.1 on 14th-Nov-2016

My admin folder is on a custom URL - I have php 7.0.16 - ZipArchive check has passed.

Dashboard prompts me to upgrade but the upgrade/maintenance section says I have the current version. I can see other posts talking about stalled upgrades, upgrades failing, database crashes and things like that and wonder whether it may be best to wait a while for these issues to be worked out. Or should I put myself through the time and effort of a manual upgrade. All previous admin section upgrades have gone well so I am a but surprised to see I am now 4 updates behind, and yet there is no prompt to upgrade. A bit of a puzzle.

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Force causes a lot of confusion. All it does is replace the existing code with the same current version. Useful if you've made customisations, got into a mess and want to restore the current version.

I'll open am issue to make this more clear.

As Ian says you need to upgrade manually. Take a full backup first.


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