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Mail stopped working


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Yes, me too. I don't know when it started, but my development machine, which had no problems earlier, all of a sudden can't connect to the designated SMTP server.

I'm looking at the traffic using Wireshark, and I see it connects, wants to do something with TLS at some other IP address, then nothing.


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Try switching the Sending Method from one of the SMTP methods to phpmail(), save and send a test email.  CubeCart cannot validate whether this has actually been sent but the store admin email address should then receive an email.  In you dont and it isnt in spam, then it is possible that your server is configured to not allow phpmail() emails to be sent (this is often disabled for security reasons).

This specific problem is a recent one (within the last day or two depending on when and how the hosting server updates) and cPanel have been working on this for the past 16 hours and have discovered a major bug in a ea-libcurl package which they say prevents PHP from handling secure connections correctly. This has created problems establishing a secure SMTP authenticated session via PHP.  This doesnt explain why non-secure SMTP doesnt work either or why certain servers are affected and others arent so there is more to it than that but at least they have acknowledged the bug and are actively working on a fix.

There are reports from a lot of other people hosted on other cPanel based servers being affected with the same issue so hopefully a solution will be provided soon


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