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Skinny Skin?


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There isn't a preview as such, because it was developed for a live site that is now ready but has no stock yet! That's why it is so cheap: this is an offshoot of a site development, not a money-making design. I am a little reluctant to publicise the site at present, because if anyone buys the test products, the payments will be taken, but the products will not be delivered! When the site actually opens for business, it will be different!

Changing the colours is pretty easy: simply open custom.css in a text editor and search and replace the colour values you want. I did consider making a separate "colours" css file, but that would add another server fetch needed to render the page. The whole idea is to make it fast and efficient.

Later: I've added a preview site.

Later still: I've added a different version with a different look

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Sorry, I really don't understand how DVDs or Blu-Rays are any different from any other product.

You put a picture, a description and a price in for any.

Is there some specific feature that a CD needs that is any different? I have designed websites for record companies in the past and they never seemed to need anything specific.

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FYI: the reason viewing demonstrations from the Marketplace does not work is because the Marketplace shows the demo in a frame (http or https does not matter).

CubeCart has code that sends an HTTP header called SAMEORIGIN. This header instructs the web browser that the returned page can only be presented within a frame coming from the same web address as the web document that called it, or to show it all by itself.

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