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File Backups within Maintenance


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I have found an error affecting two different CubeCart installs with different hosts, so I think this may be a bug

When choosing the standard Files Backup button, with checkboxes off, the backup proceeds and is created but then it tries to find this file...

/admin_ZZZZZZZ/sources/maintenance/indexbackup.inc.php - not found.

Where ZZZZZ is a novel admin location - it doesn’t appear to have been used before and doesn’t match the current.

In one situation (it may have been a checkbox difference) I was warned about cross-site scripting on the dashboard page

It appears as is something is not going well for the Files Backup feature, and could do with looking at by the software development team

(I am not that bothered personally, there are other backup methods available)

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I have already upgraded using the auto-setup tool
(as a known issue I’m puzzled why it wasn’t squished at the same time)

I assume this is source code issue rather than a setting or database value

Is there a specific directory that I can swap out?

e.g. perhaps "sources/maintenance/*" from the current version of source code?

Thank you in advance

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4 minutes ago, QuotesUK said:

The currently installed version is 6.1.14.

Thats just my point. I don't think it is fully at 6.1.14. 

The fact you get this error message indicates clearly that your store is not running the latest code. Upgrading manually (copying files up to the server via FTP) will make sure the correct ones are in place. I strongly suspect that right now you have a mix of version files from a failed auto upgrade. The problem here is that you may be stuck in that situation until you manually upgrade.

Have a look at some of the timestamps on your files. If they don't have todays date then this proves my point.

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