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Movie store - adding "genres"?


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What would be the best way to assign a genre to a movie description?

Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller etc.

Ideally this would be a clickable option to display other titles of the same genre and to save time, an option on the import catalogue tool.


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The filters module is very powerful, you could even use it to dynamically build your store menu based on your inventory. you could also do category by category filtering if you wish.  It fully supports SEO URL's for filter combinations as well.

for example, have a category "DVD", and then within that category the customer can filter on only those movie types of interest. 

You can see an example of it here:

Using Dynamic Menu, SEO URLs and dynamic filtering content. The example site uses the needle in the haystack model, where by all inventory is in a single common category and the filters help drive the customer to the content they want. 


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