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Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1


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Anyone else experiencing problems with SFWS Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1?

i have email dev today awaiting response, just wondered if something has changed in 6.2.1 compared to 6.2.0 that may require a plugin update?

the standard stock picture slider stacks the pictures on top of each other in every browser rather than sliding a single image like it should, also unable to access the shopping cart, unsure if further issues as i reverted back to stock foundation for now.

Or just me?

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I've already notified SFWS that Content Slider does not work with 6.2.1, and he replied that he was working on plugin changes to be compatible with 6.2.1. Here's a link:


This is a live store, but it's low traffic. I can't leave the plugin enabled too long.

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