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Simplified checkout

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I am gradually removing unnecessary fields and details from the checkout process, one I cannot find is how to remove this bit - with only one payment gateway added I dont need this displayed in fron of the checkout button.  Unfortunately I cannot find it to remove, anyone know where this can be found please?


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Hide the option with a default value, dont remove it. Css class "hide", or input type = hidden

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There is a conversation here about it:

One solution is to rephrase the heading text from "Choose Payment Method" to "You will be paying by:", and in the payment module, change the Description field to a list of card names you will take.


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Thanks all.

Found the bit I needed in content.checlout.php and commented it out:

   <div id="payment_method">
      <div class="row">
         <div class="small-12 columns">
            <ul class="no-bullet center" id="gateway_error">
               {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway}
                  <input name="gateway" type="radio" value="{$gateway.folder}" id="{$gateway.folder}" required {$gateway.checked} rel="gateway_error"><label for="{$gateway.folder}">{$gateway.description}</label>
                  {if !empty($gateway.help)}
                  <a href="{$gateway.help}" class="info" title="{$LANG.common.information}"><i class="fa fa-info-circle"></i></a>
            <div class="hide" id="validate_gateway_required">{$LANG.gateway.choose_payment}</div>
   {/if}  *}

My preference is always to remove clutter from the checkout process, much simplified now but I am sure I can do better still, on selecting the secure checkout button you are taken to a page with the payment options supported by your chosen gateway so I don't think we need the option on the page.  It might confuse a few people and then you miss a sale.

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