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Strange test order - worried

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I received a bit of a strange order last night.

It was someone obviously testing as they used names like test, test and email address  [email protected]

You get the picture.

They added an item to the cart and then chose the SecPay (Pay360 Gateway)

Nothing overly strange in all that I guess, just some one potentially having a play,


However, the IP address relates to PayPal -


Now i'm a little concerned, what just happend ????

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I wouldn't worry. lots of people do this to check what your shipping price will be sometimes. "just to make sure". I do it myself when comparing prices of the same item across sites

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It was the IP address relating to PayPal which had me concerened. 😲

All sorts of stuff crossed my mind, was someone IP spoofing maybe, etc etc etc.

So I called PayPal, they confirmed that they had indeed placed a test order to see how our gateway worked, and that i should expect a call from someone trying to up sell in a few days time.

I tore a little strip off the girl, saying that they should have atleast left some form of note.

All sorts of alarm bells were ringing.

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