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Uploading optimum image sizes


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I am now building a web site with Cubecart.  Anticipated 60 to 120 products when full, so not a huge inventory.   

Was wondering if there was an ideal image size to use for upload, which will allow the click larger image facility?  Obviously I don't want massive images stored, as that uses up my web space and increases bandwidth.

Any sort of ballpark figure would be great, as every shop software works differently.



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Thanks for the reply Al.  Think I have discovered a problem, which might explain why I am not getting the enlarge image option.

I am using v 6.4.10 and am using the later Cburst skin (652).  The enlarge image doesn't appear to function in that skin, nor the Amzin or Basix.  On further investigation, it does however function with the Foundation skin.  I did try to download the v6.4.9 version, but there an error in the download file (tried with independent downloads on two separate computers).

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@ Liberty :

CBurst, Amazin, Basix does re-size and enlarge the images (I've used it since it was first developed) , the demo stock images aren't a great size to reference this ie: The TV is only a 600 x 300 image. My images are scaled down to 400px in product details but scale up to 800px r 1000px when in lightbox.

However the messaging is confusing as the ALT tag says 'Click to enlarge' and the tag still shows 'Click to enlarge' when you are viewing the enlarged image in the lightbox.

I sorted this with Nitefox the developer of those skins and mine shows the product name not click to enlarge.

@LIBERTY  This is the changed code from Nite fox for Cburst (it will probabley be the same for his other skins Amazin, Basix) . The Alt tag changes will also help with SEO too.


Nitefox; Then for the image thing, you can do the following:

File :: skins > cburst > templates > element.product.vertical_gallery.php

Find lines 36 - 40 (approx)

<div class="product-gallery-box">
	<div class="product-img-main">
		<img src="{$PRODUCT.medium}" alt="{$PRODUCT.name}" id="img-preview">


and change to:

<div class="product-imgs-container">
	<ul id="imageGallery">
		<li data-thumb="{$PRODUCT.large}" data-src="{$PRODUCT.large}">
			<a href="{$PRODUCT.large}" rel="gallery-2" class="swipebox" title="{$LANG.catalogue.click_enlarge}">
				<img class="gallery-img" src="{$PRODUCT.large}" alt="{$LANG.catalogue.click_enlarge}">



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2 hours ago, Debyink said:

Debyink,  thank you so much for your reply to this topic.   I bought the CBurst skin off here at the beginning of 2021, before it became a freebie.  Due to other commitments it not really been used.  I tried on both my development server and on a live server, using multiple versions of Cubecart and CBurst skin versions, but the expand image was simply not doing anything at all, irrespective of image sizes I assigned to products.

I have implemented the code changes you have kindly supplied and can confirm that the enlarge image function is now working correctly.  🤞 Also works in the other two skins as well.   I really appreciate you taking the time to post a solution to my problem, otherwise I might have had to revert to Zen Cart for this project.  Just need to figure out how to get the 'close cross' into the foundation skin and I'll have a 'full house' then.

Thanks again.. 😀


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