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  1. Thanks for all the help with me developing and changing my skin, your help was always friendly and responsive. I've also downloaded the manual updates and would suggest anyone else to do so if you have a Nitefox's default skin but then gone on to modify it. (Just incase you ever need to reinstall at a later date). Wishing you well in all you do.
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  2. Dear Customers / CubeCart Community, It is with regret that after 3 years of providing content for CubeCart i intend to discontinue my skins and support. As per agreement i am issuing a 30 Day Notice period which will expire on 07/02/2022 (Existing customers have also been notified via email). After this date support/updates for my skins will no longer be provided by myself. I have spoken with Al and decided to donate the skins to CubeCart for free so that they don't go to waste (for which i am greatful to Al for accepting). It is my understanding that the skins will be released for free under CubeCart who will be the new owner/maintainer of the skins. This isn't the news i wanted to start the new year on and understand this may cause some concern and disappointment but i need to ultilize my time for work and my personal life and web development no longer fits in with this. What does this mean for your site? Your site will remain to function as normal and you are free to continue to use any skin you have purchased from me for as long as you require. In the event your purchased skin becomes incompatible with CubeCart in the future it will be your responsibility to make any changes or seek a 3rd party to assist. Alternatively, switch to the re-release version once released by the CubeCart team. Where can i download the latest version of my skin before the deadline? To avoid new customers from purchasing any skins i have had to unpublish them from the marketplace, please send me a PM or Email and i'll provide details how to obtain the last version released. (Please note - Only default versions of skins will be issued, please allow upto 24 hours for any requests to fulfilled .) Any questions or concerns please feel free to reply below, send me a PM or email, Best regards,
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