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  1. Absolutely you can. Are the plugins encoded? If so then you are stuck. If not the code can be updated to work with PHP8.
  2. You can upload the movie files to the files folder of CubeCart. Then create the product and select the file using the digital tab. That's all you need to do. CubeCart will send a unique download link after purchase.
  3. I believe you but I need clues at minimum. Have any customers mentioned faults or unexpected behaviour? We found a problem caused by hitting "Pay Now" more than once. This has been patched. It's incredibly disappointing to see issues persists especially without any information as to how.
  4. This issue is incredibly infuriating. I've spent hours trying to reproduce this on various devices coving as many scenarios as I can think of. It doesn't seem to affect that many merchants and those it does aren't able to reproduce it either. If I can reproduce this I can fix it. I'm desperate to get to the bottom of it as you are. Are there any errors in the request log with the order number in the body?
  5. It looks like there is a 3rd party patch: https://github.com/noelboss/featherlight/pull/412/commits/ddd0b99569072ce4dc5654f70cb634cfe902d919 We can try this via support if you need help.
  6. This is the only issue I've seen concerning WEBP so far. If you wanted to open a support ticket I'm sure I can fix this for you. Sorry the update has caused problems for you. WEBP was only ever tested on the default skin.
  7. I see. It's definitely failing to load in the image.
  8. What exactly happens? I can't see why it wouldn't be compatible.
  9. Lightbox shouldn't mind about the file format. Which skin is this?
  10. Can you login to the extension configuration screen and click the disconnect button. Once done please connect again. Then save the config and clear the cache.
  11. authenticationReason: ERROR is the clue. This means your customer has failed the security challenge set by their bank (not PayPal) and your PayPal Commerce settings are set to reject this scenario. Check your 3D Secure Scenarios in the module extension config page. In particular "Buyer may have failed the challenge or the device was not verified."
  12. Get Elasticsearch installed and you are all set. The default search isn't great for short key word searches.
  13. Do you have a custom skin and does the pay now button disable when it's clicked?
  14. I'll have another look at this in the new year. The new version disables the pay now button on click. It fixed the issue from my testing. Are there different steps to reproduce this? Pressing pay twice in PayPal makes no sense. Also there is no pay button in PayPal but only a continue button.
  15. Well that's incredibly disappointing. Is the Pay Now button disabling when it's clicked and you are sure you are on the latest version?
  16. You should be good based on that. It's quite easy to reproduce on an iPad. Pay with the shortcut yellow button. If you hit the pay now button twice it then goes to a new payment screen instead of going to the processing page. This disables the button so it can only be clicked once.
  17. After all these months I've finally reproduced it and solved it. It was the "Pay Now" button being tapped or clicked more than once. The new release 1.9.3 should fix this but only if the following criteria is met; The checkout form has the id checkout_form The Pay Now button has the id checkout_proceed
  18. It it worth asking the customer if they remember what happened?
  19. I use Kibana to manage this. Create a user and pass. Assign a role to this user for all privileges on a specific index name. I've not done it for a while so I might create the role first then the account and password.
  20. Add these fields to the includes/global.inc.php file with correct values. Please note that your skin may need changes if you are not using the default Foundation theme. $glob['es_h'] = ''; // Elasticsearch host e.g. https://localhost:9200 $glob['es_u'] = ''; // Elasticserch username $glob['es_p'] = ''; // Elasticsearch password $glob['es_i'] = ''; // Elasticsearch index name $glob['es_v'] = ''; // Elasticsearch vertificate validation enum('1','0') $glob['es_c'] = ''; // Elasticsearch certificate path The last two fields can probably remain empty.
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