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  1. JUST follow those steps. Don't run the setup process.
  2. Assuming your store is already at 6.2.8 please follow these steps. 1. Login to with SSH: (replace username with your MySQL username and example.com with your hostname.) ssh [email protected] 2. Login to MySQL (replace username with your MySQL username) mysql -u username -p 3. Enter your password 4. Select the database to update (replace database_name with your database name) USE database_name 5. Run the following SQL (if you have a database prefix amend the table names accordingly). This can take up to 30 minutes or more in some cases. ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD `log_hash` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD `url_shown` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL; UPDATE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` SET `log_hash` = MD5(`log`); ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_cookie_consent` ADD INDEX(`log_hash`); CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE `tmp_cookie_table` (SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_cookie_consent` GROUP BY `log_hash`,`session_id`); TRUNCATE `CubeCart_cookie_consent`; INSERT INTO `CubeCart_cookie_consent` (SELECT * FROM `tmp_cookie_table`); DROP TEMPORARY TABLE `tmp_cookie_table`; INSERT INTO `CubeCart_history` (`version`, `time`) VALUES ('6.2.9', UNIX_TIMESTAMP()); 6. Delete the setup folder. Your store will now be at 6.2.9.
  3. Give it a try https://hosted.cubecart.com
  4. Because in some countries people have a strong preference to alternate payment methods like iDeal etc and cards are not popular.
  5. An official one with us? If you are starting a fresh store is takes seconds. If you want us to migrate an existing store it may take an hour to five hours.
  6. Yes I saw that then couldn't find the page. I'll try it tomorrow.
  7. The documentation is poor. I saw somewhere that an order object can be added with invoice number. I have a feeling that it was rejected but we will need to look into it again.
  8. CubeCart sends email in real time. It could be as part of a page load. It would be better for it to batch process in the background for optimisation reasons. I'm just thinking out loud for the future.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Ideally CubeCart needs an email queue with batch process.
  10. Can you share with us what the problem was so others can potentially benefit?
  11. There was a bug in live mode which is now fixed. We have a merchants successfully taking live payments now.
  12. HI Kirk, We have another merchant with the error message; Can you confirm that this integration is working for you and live payments are working on your store?
  13. This is an old version of CubeCart. The error you have is caused by a missing database table. The only way to fix it it so restore that table but it does beg the question why it's missing in the first place!? Maybe the best solution is to restore a recent backup from when it worked or just that table from an older backup. Alternatively it may be possible to manually recreate and populate that table but it's advanced.
  14. We are pleased to release CubeCart 6.2.9 which is predominantly a maintenance release. Important Release Notes Issue #2452 adds queries to the upgrade procedure to consolidate the cookie consent acceptance table `CubeCart_cookie_consent` which in some stores has become very large. This can cause the update to hang if a timeout situation occurs. We would recommend more advanced users either truncate this table prior to upgrade (if you are not concerned about keeping this data) or to run the following SQL at command line. If in doubt please consult your server administrator or technical support officer. What's New? 36 Issues Resolved Live Chat (Technical Support for Subscribers Only) to bring this service inline with our hosted clients. This can be hidden in the "General Settings" section. Promotional and miscellaneous links to CubeCart Hosted. Download: CubeCart-6.2.9.zip
  15. They are coming... and yes the update is genuine.
  16. I fixed slightly differently. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/4f198bc60f27ecfc963cf67c0085c65001f50aa0
  17. Wierd. My name always works. First name Al. I'll be interested to hear what this is.
  18. We don't have a sandbox version I'm afraid. I don't think the integration supports Google or ApplePay either. I don't know if they are considered competing wallets?!
  19. We can do this on the managed support plan. If we can't for any reason we would provide a full refund. To date we never have had to. More Info: https://www.cubecart.com/ts
  20. We don't have a partnership with Adyen but it's not required. They have exceptional documentation and the integration has been tested under their sandbox. Please do let us know how you get on. Where are you referring to when you say no documents on the CubeCart page? We will reach out to Adyen to see if we can get our integration certified.
  21. There is a changelog in the documentation tab on the extension page.
  22. We resolved this by disconnecting the PayPal account and connecting it again.
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