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  1. It's fairly similar. Braintree is being targeted towards larger enterprises now. PayPal Commerce gives you more granular 3D secure control and alternative payment methods such as PayPal Credit, Giropay, Sepa etc. I gather the rates are better too but please check.
  2. Can you email [email protected] with store details and we will take a look for you.
  3. It will be fine so long as 7.2 has all the same extensions as PHP 5.6. If you have 3rd party extensions encoded with ioncube it can add a level of complexity. Why not got for PHP 7.3 or even 7.4?
  4. I fairly regularly see merchants with a VPS or dedicated server running cPanel that has never been upgraded. Accounts not jailed and operating systems that are years out of date.
  5. I agree with @bsmither this isn't uncommon. A malicious bit of code can delete every index.php on the server.
  6. They really haven't as a month later I've only just noticed it! I'm pleased you are happy and it's been a pleasure working with you Simon.
  7. Odd. I wonder if it was just a network or request glitch. Does it work now?
  8. Good to hear you installed it yourself. That method or https://hosted.cubecart.com is best. You wouldn't have had any of these compatibility issues with our hosting platform which is designed and optimised for CubeCart. With correct web server configuration a CHMOD value of 0755 should work. Thanks for posting back your findings.
  9. I'm grateful for your feedback and sharing your journey. It makes a big difference to how we can improve.
  10. Hi Jonathan, Please check the values for adminFile and adminFolder are correct in the include/global.inc.php file. Also make sure PHP is configured with ZipArchive so it can extract zip files. To install manually just download the package, extract it and upload the paypal_commerce folder to the modules/plugins directory. It will then show in the Manage Extensions section of the control panel. Out of interest how was the store setup? Did you use a 3rd party one click install system?
  11. It's not asking you to disconnect. That button is there if you decide you do want to disconnect. Just ignore it. Everything looks fine. If the old PayPal extension isn't disabled just disable it. You look all set.
  12. When you enable PayPal commerce any other old PayPal integration will be disabled automatically so there is nothing else to do. It's literally as simple as that. There should be no message about disconnecting unless you accidentally hit the disconnect button. We have quite a lot of merchants using this now with really positive feedback. I'm not sure what isn't working for you. It's not supposed to redirect you to PayPal. It all stays within your website.
  13. I'd recommending using this instead: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/paypal-commerce
  14. I'm going to say next week. There I said it.. so lets make it happen. OK I just reread your post. I got into a muddle as the Canada Post extension is desperate for an update. They are just updating the SSL certificate. No changes will be necessary in the integration and Aus Post should continue to work as before unless your host takes offence to the new SSL certificate (which is not likely)..
  15. Hi Bruce, we need to build a new integration.
  16. Good advice here but if you are not feeling confident we can do this on our Technical Support & Management plan.
  17. No problem. My development environment is PHP 7.4.
  18. It should use mysqli not mysql!? Check mysqli is setup. Even older versions of PHP should use mysqli.
  19. Totally understand.
  20. Yes this can be a real problem. It would be good if we could avoid encrypting code at all.
  21. We are looking for a small number of merchants to try our new PayPal Commerce integration. Over the last few months we have worked closely with PayPal to build this brand new integration which will have no monthly fees. Accept: Credit Cards PayPal Alternate Payment Methods More information about the PayPal Commerce Platform can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/commerce-platform Please contact us if you operate an up to date CubeCart version 6 store and would like to join the soft launch.
  22. What reason does it give? There are no issues our end. Try https://www.cubecart.com instead. https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/https/www.cubecart.com
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