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  1. Assuming that you have a cpanel or plesk etc? Log in to this hosting admin panel, find and open PHPMyAdmin. Down the left hand column, locate the database which corresponds to your cart. Click on the + sign to expand the tables. Find the table which BSmither refers to. Your login and email address will be clearly visible
  2. You could ask your server hosting company to run the following command from a terminal window # mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p (root password goes here) However, this would affect every other customer on your shared server, so in all likleyhood, they probably won't, and If your host is someone like GoDaddy, then don't even bother asking. The only other suggestion would be to disable the timezone in your cart store settings. The errors will probably go away, but the time stamps on your orders might be wrong, this depends on what the server time is.
  3. Did a bit of reading and whilst VPS is the cheaper option, having a dedicated server wins hands down. The money is coming out of the business and not my personal pocket, so the additional costs over VPS are probably justified.
  4. Good question. Not quite sure how a VPS works though, does this work any better than a dedicated server ?
  5. It looks like im going to upgrade our web server soon. and just wondered if SSD would make any difference to cart performance ? Its made one heck of a difference to my PC at home. Is SSD worth the extra £20 per month over standrd HDD's
  6. As far as the kurouto skin goes, copy my korouto folder in to your skins folder. Enable it in the admin side, if it works, great, if it doesn't then switch back to yours. A 30 second job.
  7. Sam I use Karouto on one of my sites, which has been modified to utilise re-capture. I'd be happy to share this with you if it helps, although i do have a few custom mods on the site so there may be code in the skin which is of no use to you. Worth a try for free. PM me your email address.
  8. I'm not seeing a huge delay, maybe about 1 second. A little frustrating when I'm hovering over the price, ready to pounce and having to wait.
  9. I'm currently performing a huge number of product changes. When updating prices, I modify admin/skins/templates/product.index.php so the cart opens any product change on the pricing tab. (It's one less click and saves me ages.) However, when the pricing tab opens, there's a brief delay before I can modify the price. The page seems to perform a refresh on the very top cubecart banner. Any thoughts what might cause this refresh , or anyway to stop it happening. It's only a second, but if I can shave that second off, it will speed my process even more.
  10. A rather drastic way to do this, but I copied the entire public_html folder from my live site to my mirror. Took ages. My mirrored site has 6.2.6 files with a 6.1.8 database Still not sure if the database on 6.2.6 differs from 6.1.8 though. I guess time will tell.
  11. VidMark Try briefly changing the skin in the admin panel, only has to be for 30 seconds. (store settings/layout) If the fault dissapears, we've at least narrowed it down to being skin related.
  12. I thought there were problems with the upgrade process, and it had to be done manually. ? Further to this, if i did update automatically, the mirror would be in 6.2.8. I'm happy to leave the mirror on 6.1.8 as long as none of those tables have changed.
  13. Back full circle and now at the point where I mirror the database on our main site and set to work on the 2020 price changes. This takes me about 3 weeks to complete. The way I work this, I have an identical mirror of the web site on another domain, I make all my price changes on the mirror, then on the 1st of January, I copy the following tables from one database to the other. Category, Category_index, Image_index, Inventory, Option assign, group & value. I've totally missed that Al updated our main site about 6 weeks ago, I never considered the mirror. As I'm now so close to starting work on the price changes, I don't want the added complication of updating the mirrored site. The mirror is on 6.1.8, the main site on 6.2.6 Are there any fundemental database changes on 6.2.6 which could stop this process from working ???
  14. Feel free to use mine and pick out any bones you can use. Whilst most of it is made up myself with information gleaned from elsewhere, it was scanned over by a GDPR practitioner who gave us the green light. https://www.beal.org.uk/terms-conditions.html
  15. I'm sure bsmither will come back with the answer. If not, I'll respond with details when I'm back in the office tomorrow. Theres no built in method, you'll need to add html code to main.php in the foundation skin folder
  16. Off topic, but i'm a little worried about online password managers. If the online account got hacked, then this would reveal all my passwords. But then the same could be said for my browser cache and bottom drawer. 17 random characters by the way, upper, lower, numbers and symbols.
  17. You had me worried there Ian. However, this wasn't my password, the code was cut and pasted from the SQL developers site. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/time-zone-support.html If anyone could guess my root password, they deserve the right to take control of my server. (even i struggle with it)
  18. what about the time difference ?
  19. I only uncovered the error after setting the time zone in 'store settings/advanced' Prior to this the time zone was disabled. There were no errors that I recall, but the order time stamps were out by an hour. Hence the reason I applied the time zone. Is it possible to disable the time zone in store settings, but instread add an offset to correct the time stamp ??
  20. My site was updated yesterday from 6.1.7 to 6.2.6 and I had exactly these errors. I have full ssh access to our web server and ran the following command from a terminal window # mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p xxxxxx The errors subsequently stopped.
  21. In Store Settings... Features, is a check box " Force Order Completed Emails " Check that this is ticked.
  22. what if a customer shouted. eg: ALAN WATKIN
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