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    Consent is only one of the principles. Legitimate Interest is another. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/lawful-basis-for-processing/legitimate-interests/ The legitimate interests can be your own interests or the interests of third parties. They can include commercial interests, individual interests or broader societal benefits.
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    Just had a bit of a GDPR meeting and they guy said we could use 'Legitimate Reasons' to use the data for marketing purposes, so long as it's stated in our privacy policy and that the customer has the rights to opt out. Is there anything that states, the customer must be given to option to opt in/out at the time of sign up. The example privacy policy he supplied states: There are occasions when we will use your name, address and email address for marketing purposes, to develop our business and to extend the level of services available to you we believe that this is in our legitimate interest. We always provide an ‘opt out’ option in all our marketing correspondence with you. So if I take away the mailing list option on the web site, but give them the option when we mail them, that's taken away the grey area. If a customer were to find us by accident, made a phone call and placed an order over the phone, he has no opt in/opt out option to choose in that scenario, unless we asked. That's not going to happen, so why not take away the option from the web site.
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    What are your thoughts on the following. Take away the option to opt in or out of the mailing list all together. Write something in to a privacy policy stating that we have a legitimate interest to use your data for statistical and marketing purposes, giving the customer the right to opt out during the marketting campiagn.
  4. Now I understand. I'm not sure this is possible. However, I'm sure someone like Havenswift, Noodleman or Semperfi could write a mod. Another alternative maybe would be to grab the thumbnail image and code this in to your homepage via the editor, a little like my Euro flag or Facebook logo.
  5. I'm not sure what skin or layout you use, but adding them as a product, but out of stock, and then adding them to the 'Latest Products' or 'Featured Products' would show them on the front page. Similar to my page where it says "Checkout these great products" https://www.beal.org.uk
  6. I assume you want to list a new product, but not allow anyone to purchase this item ? The way we would do this, would be add the product as usual, mark it with stock level and stock level warning as zero, and check 'use stock level' The description would say "Due in stock in May 2018" You could then utilise something like 'Popular Products' or 'Featured Products' to showcase said item.
  7. Probably totally unrelated, but I had an issue with the facebook like buttons not showing. It took me a while to figure it out. Facebook is blocked on our firewall.
  8. I might have to consider this when 6.2 is released and stable, if only for the GDPR stuff.
  9. Whats the charge for this service Al. My main site has a number of mods which I've lost track of.
  10. If your'e not aware, from about 6.1.2 admin became obfuscated, so it's no longer admin, but contains some random carachters, and ollowed by .php Something along the lines admingGtHxc.php Take a look in the root folder, see what the admin file is called. Make sure this filename is reflected in global.inc.php, along with the correct admin folder name. You may also have to use https://
  11. i've just searched and can't find any real reference to an exploit of such. However, i'm no security expert. I suppose it could be a badly programmed bot.
  12. keat


    I've no idea whether this conforms to the new GDPR consent requirements, but I just changed the wording of 'Subscribe to Mailing List' to the follwoing. Under the new 2018 GDPR guidelines, it's now a legal requirement that we seek permission to contact you outside of any contractual arrangements. Please tick this box if you agree to us contacting you. I had mine checked by default (opt out was a physical action), it's now unchecked. I've no idea how I'm going to contact 50,000 previous customers and ask for thier consent moving forward.
  13. It's only happened twice to my knowledge. I modified these particular products in January. Rather than having an entry for a Black Cable Tie and another for the same sized White one, I deleted one of the products and added the colours as an option to the remaining. The first time this happened was only a few days after that change, so I assumed a cached basket, but this was more than 8 weeks ago. Incidentally, we sell tens of thousands of Cable Ties every week, so I'm ruling out a problem with the product database entry, and I've hundreds more products with options, so I guess ruling out a problem with the cart. Based on this, I can only really assume something in his browser allowed him to continue without an option
  14. Product options blob. a:2:{i:310;s:24:"Pack Qty: 1000 - (+3.30)";i:6442;s:33:"Bag Requirements: Bagged in 100's";} Options array blob a:2:{i:1;s:3:"310";i:14;s:4:"6442";} If I open the order on the admin side of the cart, the options are not selected, in fact, it's giving me the chance to select the options.
  15. The guy did say that there were no options and that he just thought he'd get whatever we sent. Image attached Product options blob. a:2:{i:310;s:24:"Pack Qty: 1000 - (+3.30)";i:6442;s:33:"Bag Requirements: Bagged in 100's";} Options array blob a:2:{i:1;s:3:"310";i:14;s:4:"6442";}
  16. I tried this by disabling javascript in my browser, but I still see the options and cannot proceed without choosing one. Oddly, i couldn't update this thread :-)
  17. A customer managed to add 6 or more items to his cart, without choosing an option and I've no idea how. And proceed through to checkout. All product options are 'required'. Trying to gather credible information from him is proving difficult, when asked what browser he uses, is answer was Google, but not Chrome as this causes problems. He quite clearly has no idea what browser he uses. Any ideas how this could have happened, any clues at all. Short of taking remote control of his computer and seeing for myself.
  18. What skin are you using, as there maybe a few small edits to get V2 working on older skins. tell us your site, and I'll put a dummy account on, this will test functionality.
  19. His company name changed from 'smith supplies' to 'smith industries' (made up name for GDPR reasons) :-) When he called he said he was smith industries, but I couldn't find smith industries. Searching smith resulted in too many results, And even then, of course i was looking from 'Smith Industries' and not 'Smith supplies', so whilst he would have appeared in the list, i would have dismissed it. His name was Jim Smith, he'd not put Jim Smith in his user details, he had infact put 'Smith Supplies' in the last name field. He'd not updated any information in his account. So I was looking for Jim Smith at Smith Industries. No doubt his details will have been updated on our internal system, but he'd not done so on Cubecart. The reason for his call ......... his login details were cached on his old PC. Some details remained the same, but the serach won't search on phone number or postcode. Maybe an enhancement request for a future release.
  20. A customer called today, got a new computer and forgotton his login. I searched high and low and couldn't find him, yet he was adamant that he's ordered before. It transpires, that his company name he gave me has changed slightly, he didn't have his name in the name fields, and because his company name has changed, so as the email address he gave me. The only way I could find him, was through PHPAdmin on his postcode, which then explained why i couldn't find him using the customer search in admin. Are there any changes that could be made, so the search will search on phone number and postcode.
  21. @huggettm did you fix this as I'm not replicating anything.
  22. keat


    not a chatbot as such, but i did have a trial with live support. I sat there for a week awaiting call back. Nothing. Luckily I'd not subscribed so it quickly came off again.
  23. You can buy an SSL for not a lot of money. I'd buy the one from 1&1, that way, they will be responsible to configure it and apply it to your domain.
  24. I've found, if you have a product in a customer cart at one price. Log in as an admin and change the price. The price change is not reflected in the customers cart. He added it before you modified the price. May not be the same issue but worth me mentioning.
  25. If i go to www.mysite.co.uk, it redirects to https://www.mysite.co.uk/index.html If i go to https://www.mysite.co.uk it stays there, it doesn't redirect to index.html. I've no idea where this redirect to index.html is coming from. I see nothing in .htaccess and nothing at registra level Any pointers ?? I do have a redirect at registra level, but only from www to https://www Edit. Sorry, this sould say index.php (not index.html)
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