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  1. Please read the description for this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/link-cubecart-products-to-specific-shipping-services-/-modules
  2. According to the description of the third-party plugin mentioned earlier, each product can have its own shipping method.
  3. Sorry, 'element.recaptcha.php' is new to CubeCart v6.5.2 (not yet released). So, I am thinking that, even though the script tag in the template has async defer, which allows the script to run without waiting for the HTML to finish, the script that gets fetched then constructs a new piece of the web page and loads another script - what seems to be that /recaptcha__en.js filename. The keywords async and defer do not need both to be used. Some say that async will be used, but if the browser is old enough to not support it, then the fallback is to use defer. In those files I mentioned, you can try to have only defer. (You may need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache if you make changes to the templates.) See: https://pagespeedchecklist.com/async-and-defer
  4. Please examine the templates 'content.recaptcha.head.php', content.recaptcha.php', and element.recaptcha.php'. These templates call the recaptcha script, and the <script src=""> tag should have async defer in it. That should cause the browser to continue loading the HTML and rendering it without waiting for the script to finish loading. (Nor does the script wait for the HTML to finish loading.)
  5. We can discuss regarding what you are asking for, but please know there are a number of blocks and other problems with submitting the data from a Subscribe form that is not under CubeCart control. Every CubeCart skin should have the box.newsletter.php template. You can start with that, but please know that the image you posted above is heavily formatted and styled using the Foundation platform - all defaults.
  6. As an experiment, create a new category named FooBarCo. The category FooBarCo will have Status checked and Visible unchecked. On the Shipping tab, enter a Per Item shipping charge. Save. Choose a product and show its Edit screen. On the Categories tab, set as Primary FooBarCo and set as Additional the product's original category (so that it still shows up when viewing that category). Save. Have CubeCart clear its internal cache. On the storefront, place that product in the shopping cart and then View Basket or Checkout. You should see the shipping charge (By Category) in the Select your shipping method: drop-down.
  7. The USPS module should log a Request/Response in admin, Request Log. The response from USPS should list all available shipping methods for the given postal codes and weight (and carton dimensions if entered in the settings panel). So, from that list of available methods, the USPS module will filter out methods that are not checked in the module's settings. What's left will be shown to the customer.
  8. So, for any given item, there will be a manufacturer assigned to it. And for any specific manufacturer, each and every item associated with it will have the same shipping charge per item. There won't be a case where Item A needs to be shipped at 10.00 while Item B needs to be shipped at 15.00? Therefore, if a product manufacturer can be considered as a product category, then we can create hidden categories and use Shipping Per Category to tally a total cost. Per Category will calculate X 'per item' for each category, then sum those, then add the highest cost 'per shipment' from the various categories, for a total. (If the 'per shipment' needs to be distinct for each category, as would be the case for drop-shipments, that can be figured out.) See: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/per-category There is also: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/multi-level-shipping-by-quantity-product-category-level
  9. Short answer: no. Better answer: Everyone involved could claim any piece of email as spam based on objective and/or subjective characteristics. The notice above is somewhat strange, as the email address hidden within the link looks like a legit address, but the friendly text that is the link does not look like an email address. (But that could be an artifact of pasting the message into the message editor as is - and not pasting the notice into the message editor's code editor (<>).) Your hosting provider should have (automatically) configured your hosted account's email MX record with all that is necessary to properly identify you as having permission to send email from or through the hosting server. But even if that has been configured (DKIM?), the recipient and recipient's email provider can still create rules that scores emails in ways you will never know about.
  10. Interesting idea. An emailed Newsletter to (opted-in) subscribers might work. [And a mobile is never 'offline' (YMMV).]
  11. The next version of CubeCart will have a drop-down selector on the Dashboard (and most everywhere else) offering to choose 25, 50, 100, 200, or 500 list items per page. That setting for that list will be saved in a 30-day cookie. It used to be that CubeCart was very annoying about having more than one browser tab open to admin. Not any more. So, my habit is to right-click on the Edit icon and select Open in New Tab. I work on the item's details, Save, then close that tab.
  12. Regarding the calculated shipping cost being shown - but not included into the total - when viewing an order summary (and customer invoice?): Noted.
  13. Please use an external database utility (such as phpMyAdmin - a tool found in many hosted accounts control panels) and examine the table CubeCart_system_error_log. If there is a reason for a failure to login, it might be there.
  14. I don't see a "Flat Rate" amount that contributes to the cost for that range. So that wouldn't be the problem. On the General tab, is there an amount entered in the Packaging Weight field?
  15. I see. I just now added an issue in the Github referencing the missing capability to assign a language to a customer that the admin creates. The database structure for the Cubecart_customer table states that the 'language' column has a default value, which, for your store, might be 'en-GB' (or just 'en', which was supposed to get corrected to 'en-GB' in CC511). Thus, customers you create will use the UK language - and so far, no convenient way to change it.
  16. Could it be that the 'customer' that this email was sent to (if not actually you being a test customer) chose to view the store in the UK language? Do you have that feature enabled on your storefront (allowing a customer to choose their language)?
  17. Please check on this: In admin, Email Log, find a problematic email log entry (that sent the 'stock' email instead of the custom email). Click on the Edit icon for that row. You will be taken to the Edit screen for that Email Content. What language is shown in the drop-down?
  18. It always did before? But not anymore with CC651? You wrote "en - US" with spaces. Is that actually correct as spelled, or is it actually "en-US" without spaces? We should determine what language CubeCart is using when sending the custom templates.
  19. You said you made the edits many CC versions ago. Did CubeCart ever send the edited versions?
  20. Please directly examine the database again. Find your edited content in the CubeCart_email_content table. Note the value in the 'language' column for that row. CubeCart will use the content (maybe from the cached database query, so be sure to have CubeCart clear its internal cache after saving the edited content) that matches the purpose (admin.order_received) and also matches the language specified (customer's choice or default).
  21. If working with product options, how might we determine labor rate? What measurable aspect of the product could equate to time? You said that $1/min for 17 total items. Are you saying it takes you one minute to extrude each individual item regardless of length? Or would that be an average across all orders? Which is to ask: If I wanted a 2km length, so far that would cost $320,000. But how many minutes would be needed? Is there a way to express the minutes of labor in units of length? Like, 1 minute per 10mm? Or is it truly 1 minute per item - on average across a month's worth of sales?
  22. There is this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/file-uploads-attach-files-as-product-options
  23. Is the formula elementary? That is, if the product "Rigatoni" has, as options, a minimum to maximum continuously variable length, and an optional offset for a hole, plus whatever else can be modified to the product, can the equation be shown on the product's description? Or is the formula so complex that it would take human-judgement to polish off any rough edges and outlier conditions?
  24. I wrote a "Bundle Products" plugin. However, now that you mention it, I am not sure I covered the case where the stock level of the "Kits" is based on the lowest stock level of the kit members. I will have to check. Send a PM with your email address if you wish to experiment with it.
  25. I believe the essential difference with why your rate schedules require this edit is because, among more than one zone, there are same-named Shipping Rates. That is to say: Zone 2 Zips has a selection rule for 40100 - 40299, with a rate rule named "USPS First Class" equals 4.81. Zone 2 States has a selection rule for [IN, KY] named "USPS First Class" equals 4.81. So, the "First Match" feature seems to be working correctly as it finds the first match in each Zone, on the assumption only one Zone would find any match.
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