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  1. I, too, am interested in MultiBuy. I have installed Drupal and the eCommerce solution built for it, which has a MultiBuy feature. It's all basically a logic table -- just need to wrap my head around it. The eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Apple App Store, etc. -- I would say it's all name recognition, coupled with the (very real) expectation that these storefronts/platforms would have listed what you want no matter what it is. So, naturally it seems, that's where you start looking.
  2. "somehow it did not work." Did you start a conversation on the forums regarding this?
  3. Is this setting not being shown: admin, Edit a Product, Pricing tab, "Maximum Quantity Purchase"? If the setting is showing, please read: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57097-disable-maximum-purchase-amount/ https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2903
  4. As the features and functions of future versions of PHP change, so must the applications that run on it. Your choices: Stay with PHP5 Upgrade CubeCart to CC6 Work through CC5 to make it compatible with PHP7 Each has its significant pro's and significant con's. Experiments have begun to see what crashes when CC6 is run under PHP8.1. Also, please read: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/50278-cubecart-607-5217-released/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/50277-critical-security-issue-admin-account-hijack/ You should determine if the code edit detailed in these topics have been implemented, and if not, do so now.
  5. There is going to be some work involved in getting CC5216 compatible with PHP7. Are you able to make the decision to move back to PHP5?
  6. On the admin's Dashboard, Store Overview tab, please let us know what it says for CubeCart Version. And PHP Version.
  7. That has probably been fixed in the later versions of CubeCart. Please let us know what version you are running.
  8. "the images on the right side of the product page" I was looking on the Homepage. By the way, my browser is making this complaint: Probably in the file: /skins/mjdesign/dist/css/style.css there is this: .box-search .search_form button[type=submit] { margin:0; max-height:2.2rem; background-color:#ad1a26; border-top-left-radius:0; border-bottom-left-radius:0; border-color:1px solid #e8e8e8 } Note that border-color only allows the color attribute. My browser dropped that particular declaration (not the entire rule). There is also: Within the <head> section of the page, probably found in the template element.css.php (depending how your skin is contructed) a statement that renders to: <link href="https://www.maxsports.ca/skins/mjdesign/dist/css/cubecart.default.css?v=1581759141" rel="stylesheet"> has no actual file present. It probably has no rules in it, but you may want to copy that file from Foundation. There is also: Somewhere in the file vendor.css, maybe near line 5289, there is: .range-slider-handle { border:1px solid none; cursor:pointer; display:inline-block; height:1.375rem; position:absolute; top:-.3125rem; width:2rem; z-index:1; -ms-touch-action:manipulation; touch-action:manipulation; background:#008cba } The border declaration has 'none' for the color, which is not valid. None is a style that conflicts with 'solid' as a style. To not use a color, use 'transparent'. Also: The <head> section is somehow getting two copies of this statement: <link href="https://www.maxsports.ca/skins/mjdesign/dist/css/vendor.css?v=1581759142" rel="stylesheet"> I see that the target images are wrapped in an <a> tag with class "th". You might not be seeing the transition effect when hovering over these images. In style.css, maybe near line 508, there is: #box-featured a.th, #box-popular a.th, #box-sale_items a.th { border:none; box-shadow:none } In vendor.css, maybe near line 5951: .th { border:solid 4px #fff; box-shadow:0 0 0 1px rgba(0,0,0,.2); display:inline-block; line-height:0; max-width:100%; transition:all .2s ease-out } .th:focus, .th:hover { box-shadow:0 0 6px 1px rgba(0,140,186,.5) } CSS has a thing called 'specificity'. The .th:hover has a low specificity, while the #box-popular a.th has a higher specificity, and overrules .th:hover. Thus, no transition effect. To acquire the transition effect: Consider adding the following rule after the rule mentioned above in style.css: #box-featured a.th:hover, #box-popular a.th:hover, #box-sale_items a.th:hover { box-shadow:0 0 6px 1px rgba(0,140,186,.5) } When you say the images will be 'collapsed', do you mean the entire image is visible, but squished down to a very short height? Or only part of the image is visible, but not distorted in any way - of the the portion that is visible?
  9. Would it be possible to post a screen capture? And can we have a web address? (Found it.)
  10. Snow. Been there, got the t-shirt. Moved to a better climate. In Firefox, hover the mouse cursor over the grid icon. Call the Context Menu (right-click, CMD-click, whatever for Mac). Select "Inspect". The Developer's Tools screens will open up. Click the Console tab to see if any issues are mentioned.
  11. I did an Internet search for firefox imac display anomalies (possibly not the best choice of words) and found these two articles: You tube display on Imac running version 95.0.2 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1363170 Fonts Not Displaying on Some But Not All Sites https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1345602 I have no skills with Apple's stuff.
  12. Please make this observation very carefully: the icon for the grid view. In your image above, there is very little margin between the top of the four squares and the top of the blue background. In my image above, there is more space between the squares and the top of the blue background. My Firefox is v93 for Win7. What is yours? The CSS file being used by your site is: https://badwolfdesigns.net/cache/6c8d0.css.foundation_20200505110755.css which suggests that it was created 5 May 2020. That's old and should have been destroyed/replaced by now. That doesn't explain why I do not see this problem.
  13. The image in your reply above is list view. The image in the post above that is grid view, but the page's CSS is being told that your browser's screen width is very narrow, even though it isn't, and the CSS is saying to use a layout for narrow widths. Is your browser somehow faking at being a mobile device? But even if it was faking it, the right hand sidebar would not be showing. This is what I see:
  14. Please know that CubeCart remembers the layout chosen between page views by using a cookie: Name: product_view Value: grid
  15. The browser is showing the page full-width. I'm looking at 'Bracelets". The "grid" icon is highlighted. The products are showing three panels across.
  16. I believe you are asking about how to change the layout on a View Category page. It is the only page that has pagination (More...). At the top of the list is a pair of icons: a "four-square grid" and a "list". Click the grid and you should get what you want. There is a conversation on the forums that discusses code edits needed to make the grid view the default. I don't find the images objectionable. Please point out a specific product image that has a "crappy" look to it.
  17. That would be the content.category.php template. This template has two views: a "list" mode and a "grid" mode (like Latest Products). The solution for the grid-mode should be the same for Latest Products. For the list-mode: Near line 122, find: {elseif !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <div class="row collapse"> <div class="small-12 columns"> <input type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.out_of_stock_short}" disabled class="button disabled expand small"> </div> </div> {/if} Add after: <div class="row collapse"><div class="small-12 columns text-center">{$product.stock_level} available</div></div> The code for grid-mode starts a few lines later.
  18. From the image of the FilePicker above, it seems that the attempt to state an image in a product's record in the CSV failed, if there was, in fact, a column to have that info. At the FilePicker, determine which image you want associated to the product being edited. To make the actual association, click on the empty checkbox to the right of the filename. The empty checkbox will change to a checked checkbox. Click on the checked checkbox and it will change to a gold star. There can be only one image being a gold star (the 'main' image) for the product. Click on any additional empty checkboxes to also associate those images to this product. Then Save.
  19. I would say, logically, a web page scraper would want to use microdata, falling back to <meta> tags, falling back to <hx> tags, possibly having all of that overridden by some sort of user-provided site map file or (very onerous) manual data entry at the search engine's management console.
  20. The wording of the OP suggests that the web page's <meta description> is to contain some sort of the product's review data. The image of Google's console, SERP Snippet tab, suggests all data has been manually entered (but, really, I have no knowledge of this console and cannot conclude this 100%). We can use the Smarty code found in the template element.product.review_score.php template modified to fit the constraints of statements in the <head> section of the HTML document found in the template element.meta.php. <meta name="description" content="{if isset($META_DESCRIPTION)}{$META_DESCRIPTION}{/if} {if $SECTION_NAME eq 'product'}{for $i = 1; $i <= 5; $i++}{if $PRODUCT.review_score gte $i}&starf;{elseif $PRODUCT.review_score gt ($i - 1) && $PRODUCT.review_score lt $i}&#11240;{else}&star;{/if}{/for}{/if}"> We first make sure that a View Product page is showing. Then we use the logic to show full stars or empty stars, or a half-star for the product's review average rating. It would be impractical to specify generic images in the <head> section (even though a product thumbnail image is specified for FBOG). So, we use HTML Entities. See: https://www.htmlsymbols.xyz/star-symbols There is a means to use a HEX code for the half-star, but having the browser render that character will likely fail as there is no entity name for a half-star. Nor are there any full/open pairs of other common characters with an entity name that also has a half-full variant. There might be (or was) an extension to collect testimonials concerning a store, but otherwise, each product can have multiple reviews, each with its own rating. Which actual review content is to be shown?
  21. We know that CubeCart makes this data available on the View Product page. You also want this data available to be shown on the HomePage "Latest Products". (Unless I am looking at code from one of my many mods) This data is already made available - we just need to code the template statement to show it. In the template file content.homepage.php: Find some code that looks like: <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:38:"&hellip;"}</a></h3> After that, add: <h4>{$product.stock_level} available</h4> This shows the main stock level. Products that have distinct stock levels assigned to specific option combinations, where the main stock level is set to zero, will show zero.
  22. There may have been a shipping module that tried to coordinate volumetric data to box dimensions, but I don't see it now, if it existed. The AIOS module does not do volumetric computations - very specific dimensions of the box being one of the defining characteristics of the Flat Rate box service of the USPS (the other being a max weight of 70# if I recall). With a Flat Rate box, I think its contents (of your inventory of shirts and coffee) will likely never reach the weight limit. So, perhaps, depending on how tightly the shirts are folded, one can assume then that each shirt could have the same volume as a bag of coffee. If so, then a "Total Quantity" set of conditions could be employed. Do you have any other conditions on shipping your inventory?
  23. "Allowed Uses" is the total usage count. When creating a coupon, there is also "Maximum uses per customer (Leave empty for unlimited)". This feature was added to CC640.
  24. The differences in the <table> appearance is due to the editor not being aware of the store's skin's CSS rule-set. Considering that CubeCart has a number of "skins", each with its own javascript, CSS, and image attributes, it would be a complicated solution to have the editor be told which skin's attributes the editor is to apply -- if the editor could be configured to do such a thing anyway. So, the editor is less of a "what-you-see is what you get", but more of a "what-you-mean is what you get".
  25. My testing suggests the most easiest way is to copy/paste one cell of the spreadsheet at a time. I use LibreOffice Calc, and selected/copied a range of cells to the clipboard. Then, I pasted (CTRL-V) the clipboard into the editor provided for the product description when editing a product in CubeCart. The result was an image of the selected text. I then pasted the clipboard using Paste-as-Plain-Text (CTRL-SHFT-V) into the description box which resulted in real text but separated by &nbsp; entities to simulate tabs. Which may a solution that works for you. If your spreadsheet allows for copying to the clipboard a range of cells pre-formatted as an HTML <table> structure, that could be a time saver when pasting in using the editor's Source mode. (My browser is FireFox 93, and when trying to use the editor toolbar button Paste-from-Word, I got a warning saying my browser could not use this button.)
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