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Found 9 results

  1. A Google search for our items pulls up the STORE TITLE and STORE URL with the product description. The Adwords Search pulls up the ITEM TITLE and the correct PRODUCT URL. Any suggestions about what I must have messed up that is keeping the Product Title and URL from showing on the Google Search? I have no idea how long it has been that way...
  2. Hi, Upon going to google analytics and attempting to look at the number of transactions and other related ecommerce data, I noticed all zeros. I have gone back in the history to figure out when it stopped receiving the ecommerce data and it appears that update 5.2.11 has broken the data transmission for my site. This is the same update that switched the google analytics over to universal analytics, from what I understand. I am currently using 5.2.13 and also using the blueprint skin from Shopdev. The same code modifications that were made by CC to the stock skins have also been made to my skin but apparently google still isn't receiving the data. Is anyone else having this problem? If you are using 5.2.11 and later and are using the blueprint skin from shopdev, Is your ecommerce data showing in google analytics? I am trying to see if anyone else is having this issue or if it is my site that is causing the problem. Thanks in advance Ron
  3. Hello All Cubecart members, I have a question ... As default Cubecart is placing a robots.txt in the root folder that disallow to index the images folder. Can someone explain why? Is it good to remove the robots.txt from the root folder of Cubecart? And do i need to have a images sitemap generator? Or will Google index them fine? Thanks for your help.
  4. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what exactly is the point of the "Google Category" selection when adding a product? My category is NOT an option after scrolling through that long hard to read list. So I chose one closest to it. Is there a way to "add" a selection or maybe trim the list down as I will never sell 99.99998% of anything from the categories in that list?
  5. A question for you guru's about the mobile version of the Cubecart site that has been raised by my SEO "expert" - at least that's what he tells me He spotted the link on the bottom of my home page that goes to the mobile site and followed this to, as he said to me, "see what it did". He is telling me that the two versions have the same address (in my case http://www.northwalesinks.com/store/index.php ) but have two completely different lots of content - my desktop site has a chunk of text that has been "carefully crafted" on the home page while the mobile version is missing this text. His argument goes :- The search engines visit the desktop site and read the content and index it They see the link at the bottom of the page for the mobile site and follow it - the link does have the display_mobile parameter set but this parameter vanishes when you follow the link and navigate around the mobile site They read the mobile site at the same address and find different content ! They index the "new" content and see a link at the bottom to the desktop site They follow this link and see different content (again) They throw their toys out of the cot and decide that that page isn't worth worrying about as it never knows which content it's going to find - and apart from which it breaks the rule that Google say that the content they read should be the same as the content displayed to a visitor when they follow a result and might be considered as cloaking https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66355?hl=en I vanish from the search engine results ! Can anyone tell me if he is right? I've sat next to him while he explained it and demonstrated the "problem" and he seems to be right enough that I'm worried (and at the size of the bill for spotting this *grins* ).
  6. Hi I know this question has been asked before but I do not understand the instructions given in previous posts. I believe the Google Adwords conversion tracking code needs to be placed near the bottom of the content.receipt.php page. Can this page be accessed and changed within the software or does it need to be found on the server? I am a bit nervous about changing anything at the server end. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi When I was looking at Prestashop I saw a "google inside the database plugin" offered for sale. This has got me thinking. After all: how does Google index pages that are only formed and visible when they are requested? Is there anything like the Prestashop plugin for CubeCart? (Sorry I no longer have the link) Grateful for any replies Best Regards
  8. Guest

    ecommerce tracking

    Hello all, we have correctly installed google analytics ecommerce tracking but for some reason some paypal orders are not registering at all.Does anyone else have this issue, some paypal orders and one or two card payments register on ecomemrce tracking, just wanted to know if anyone had a fix or a solution! Many thanks, Chris
  9. hi, i use 3th party mod to generate sitemap and submit to google , just don't understand that there is a few url is indexed by google, but there is 8100 url submited to google , below is the link to that http://www.justyouandyou.com/sitemap-xml.php any one have idea
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