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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All On our site we have really indepth product options on our products. In some cases there can be up to 8 different options that effect the product. We use the print packing note to pick and pack the order in our stores. At the moment this sheet displays the options but they are all laid out in one text block. This is not easy to read as in effect you end up with something like this: size: medium colour: pink : strapsize: 126cm design: track As you can see it is easy for the packer to misread etc. Does anyone know how we could make these options display on a seperate line for each? Any help would be appreciated as always! Pete Ward
  2. I am evaluating 5.2.0 as an upgrade for 4.3.4 with Estelle's SLPO option. I am not abnormally dumb, but I cannot figure out how this works. This is what I have done: In Product Options, I have created a couple of option groups (Colour with attributes Black, White, Grey and Size with attributes A4, A5, A6, A7.) In Products, I have created a product and assigned the members of both groups to the product. Now I have three colour and four size attributes assigned under the Options tab. The Status column has a green tick for each row, and the Options Matrix column has a red cross for each row. The Options Matrix is not mentioned in the documentation under the Help link. I have not been able to find anything else about it, but I do not necessarily know all the hidey-holes where this sort of stuff is kept. I have tried various things with the Options Matrix checkboxes, (click all and save, click one from each group and save) in the hope of seeing a hint of what to do next, but I am stumped. Any hints? A stream of frustrated abuse followed by a link to some documentation is entirely acceptable. As an alternative, I tried creating an option set that contain all 7 options and assigned them to a different product. I am assuming this is a shorthand method for assigning a bunch of attributes from different groups as a collection, potentially to a large number of products. This caused a display aberation on the options page shown in the attachment. (Neither uploader is working...) The Options Matrix column displays a red X for the first attribute in a group, then the type information for the remaining items in the group. The remaining columns in these rows are slid one space to the left, so the Negative checkbox is in the Type column. It is possible that I am doing entirely inappropriate things here, but the program should be fixed to reject the operation or display it correctly.
  3. Please bear with me on this one... I'm developing a site for a client with over 3,000 products with the same 5 dependent select boxes (eg: click option 3 from select #1 - select #4 becomes visible) with approximately 10 differently-priced options each per select box. I've spent days writing over 500 lines of jQuery just to handle the visibility of the dependent select boxes and options and also provide a running total on the product detail page. My biggest issue is with the way CubeCart assigns product options. I can create option sets to quickly assign all the options to each product but the option prices are added per product rather than stored with the master option. If my client wants to import the basic product information from a CSV from their old site they are going to have to manually add prices for over 50 options to 3,000 products. I can clone a single completed product with option prices in place and amend product name, price, description, seo meta info etc per product but this means that importing a CSV isn't possible. In addition, I dread to think of trying to update 3,000 x 50 product option prices next year. A basic search and replace on the database won't do the job as some option prices are currently the same but may need to differ in the future. I'd love to be able to bypass the lengthy product options in the admin area and hard-code the options as tick boxes (or selects, radio buttons - whatever suits) into "content.product.php" as they are the same for every single product, and then use jQuery or similar to set 5 text field option values to hold the selected product option text (eg: "option 4: +£5.00" etc) so it gets stored with the order - this bit I can do. However I'd also need to be able to pass a total for the product option prices to the "view basket" page so that the total price on the "view basket" page is correct and it gets stored with the order (eg: item price is £100, total of product options is £30 so the product total price on the "view basket" page is £130). This would make it so much easier to create the initial product inventory and update prices in the future as all I'd have to change are the hard-coded values in "content.product.php". Is there a means of having a product option text field which could pass a variable numeric value (the total of the product options) to be used in the calculation on the "view basket" page and which would also be stored with the order. This scenario hasn't been easy to describe - I appreciate your patience if you've got to the end. Many thanks Craig
  4. So I've created a "Option Set" for clothing which contains: 1) Small 2) Medium 3) Large I click on a Product > Edit > Options Tab Then I Assign Option Set = Clothing Sizes > Add Page refreshes and displays: When I switch the "X's" to "Ticks" and "Save & Relaod" to use Option Matrix, nothing happens, I have to: 1) turn off the status 2) save and reload 3) then turn Status AND Option Matrix to "Ticks" 4) Save and Reload 5) Then switch the Options Matrix at the bottom to ticks too 6) Save and Reload 7) Only then can I actually deal with specific quantities. Any insight in to what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum, I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times before, but I have scoured the net and have found nothing that helps. I was wondering if there was a way of adding product options, say Colours- Black and Blue, and then giving them an attribute, such as Small or Medium, but only making Black available in Small whilst making Blue available in both small and medium. I have many products that are the same but some are only available with certain options, and the customer needs to be aware that they are choosing, so option sets are of no use. As it stands I've had to duplicate products, which is ok, but not ideal. If there is no way of doing this is there a plugin I could use? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello All, I am new here and i run a very serious webshop that i just migrated from Opencart to Cubecart. I bought the full license and copyright removal and i will buy this for at least 3 or 4 sites. So far so good very happy with Cubecart. However i am missing some features, but most of them not very important and i can hard code them in the templates files. However i am not a great programmer, but i do have ICT experience for more then 13 years and in daily life i am a freelancer based on Linux administrator, Windows enginering and sometimes supporting or management in the ITIL section like change management, so i do understand much. What i really miss is a feature to add one specific product option to ALL products! I have 11.000 products and i just go live with my webshop after migrating and i forgot the product options! Normally all webshops i worked with (different systems) has a add product option to ALL products ... cubecart don't have this? Why? I figured myself out this query: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (1, 2, 1); This will add product options to product id 1. If i want to add the product option to product id 2 it will be: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (2, 2, 2); If i want to add this on product id 3 it will be: INSERT INTO `CubeCart_options_set_product` (`set_product_id`, `set_id`, `product_id`) VALUES (3, 2, 3); Ok so we get the idea ... now ... how can i do this to ALL of my 11.000 products? Can someone PLEASE share a MYSQL query that will apply this to ALL product IDs? So i can make a cronjob of this activity? Lets say: create product option to product id if not exists. if exists update. Somethin like this. And for you third party developers ... if this is easy for you, please make a module of it in admin i will pay you! I need it URGENTLY, because i am live now and i lose orders, because people can not fill in their sizes or colors. Thank you all.
  7. 'Evening, I've been troubled by this issue for years, and have not found a solution yet. Every customer order I receive does not show any of the product options they've selected with the item (e.g. colour: blue, size: M). I am currently running two sites with cubecart, and I cannot locate a single difference in the general settings (bar the store skin) - yet one shows the product options, and one does not. Can anyone help resolve this issue? Please let me know if you require any further information. Thanks, Jac
  9. Before I upgrade to 5.20 from 5.1.4 can you please tell me what happens to current product options Do current product options transfer over ? When you turn on the functionality does the stock level for product options get set to 0 or 1? Do product options currently set as X not avaiable become avaiable again? So I guess whats behind my quesiton is I have about 1300 products with product options - can I slowly add the stock levels for each option or do I need to do it all at once? As an aside I am very excited about this upgrade - I have been lost since a 3rd party stock level app stopped working.
  10. How do I control the order in which products display under a category. I want certain products to be listed before others. For example: Category 1 might have four producs Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4 If I want product 3 to be listed first how do I do that? Same question for product options how do I control their order? Mike Thomas V5
  11. Hello, I have added a gift wrapping option to some products. I have achieved this by adding a product option which displays a drop down menu on the product page with the option of choosing gift wrapping for a small additional cost. It works fine. But... If the visitor does not select the gift wrapping option in the drop down menu CC displays a warning message i.e. ... please select the required option before adding to your basket! I would expect this for a 'Required' option but the trouble is that this particular option is 'not required' and the user should be able to ignore and check out without getting the warning message. It goes without saying that I have unchecked or disabled the required feature from within the 'option groups' tab in dashboard. Frustrating because customers cant figure out what the warning message is for and is leading to a loss of sales. I want to keep the option if possible. Any help appreciated many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi All, I am having an issue trying to figure out how to use Stock Levels with Product Options. I have Rings in different sizes, so I added both categories and in product options. The problem is when I only have (ex) Rose ring size 7 (2 pieces), Size 8 (1 piece) Size 9 (3 pieces) If someone orders size 8, how do I set the stock control? Do I start with 6 in my inventory? What is the best way to handle this?
  13. Hi, V51.1 I have a problem with the product options. I am able to create a new product option group but not able to define an attribute for it. I am also not able to add, remove or amend attributes from existing groups. The functionality has been working fine until today but has now ceased to function as expected. I can see and add existing attributes to products using a group attribute that I assigned before this issue but can no longer add new attributes to either existing groups or new groups. When in the option attributes panel in admin I can switch between the groups via the drop down menu however when I switch between groups the related attributes below the drop down menu do not change to reflect the different groups I select. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I set up a product option called "professionally fitted" and did the following option values: - No (£0 extra) - Yes, at our office (£0 extra) - Yes, at your office (£50 extra) However, after adding this option and these values to numerous products, I want to change the order of the values to: - Yes, at our office (£0 extra) - Yes, at your office (£50 extra) - No (£0 extra) In other words, kicking "no" to the bottom so that that "yes, at our office" shows up as the default value. What is the easiest way to do this? Can I adjust product options without having to delete it all, add a new one and then edit all the products individually?
  15. Hi Guys, I've been researching but can't find any info specifically on my issue, maybe you can help me out. I'm wanting to swap the 'add to cart' button in the category and search view to the 'more' button, but only if a product has options. This would mean that clicking the link would just take them to the product page. I am aware of mods to display the product options on the category page, but would like to keep the cat view clean and just disable people from adding a product with options directly to the cart from the cat page. Im thinking of changes in viewCat.inc.php where there are two queries, one doing the usual product search, the other querying prod_options_bot so that if the product IDs match there can be a conditional statement to perform the swap. But I guess this would mean that the html to create the entire add to cart button would need to get parsed or the html for the more button, and neither html exist in the viewCat.tpl file for this to work. Is there a more intuative way of doing this? Really appreciate any help!
  16. Hello, I have a client that sells leaflets, flyers etc. I am looking for something that will give me options on top of product options. So for instance if you have an A6 leaflet with different GSM (paper weight) as the options and then inside that option you have different prices for the quantity. The price of the quantity isn't relative for each GSM option, so I would need to set different price values for each quantity. I hope my description is understandable, I can't quite get my head round it. So I've tried to explain in an image. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance. - Reece
  17. Hi, I have CubeCart 4.4.6. I wanted to add 'Size A', 'Size B' , 'C' and 'D' for each product. So i created a Product Option Group as 'Sizes'. Then i added Option Attributes as 'Size A', and so on. I wasn't sure what was 'Option Set' so i again created Option Sets 'Size A',B','C','D'. I then activated the Option Set against the products (9 of them), but i don't get the DropDown as i expected in the real website. These Group, Attribute and Set were in 3 different Page tabs, which i get on selecting 'Product Options' in the menu on the left. Any tips or pointers to where i might have gone wrong ? Thanks, moko58.
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