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  1. Today it is of greatest pleasure to make a number of significant announcements! CubeCart is celebrating its tenth birthday as a private UK company.CubeCart 6.0.0b1 and 5.2.15 are available for download.CubeCart version 6, 5, 4 & 3 are all now open source under the GPL 3.0 licence.The all new CubeCart Extensions Marketplace has been launched.Enterprise Level technical support plans are now available including managed services. We are expecting a huge amount of questions so have tried to answer most below. I've only just purchased CubeCart!? Can I get a refund!? Yes. We will be happy to refund all orders for software license keys and copyright keys placed in the last 30 days as per our refund policy. Please contact our sales staff with your order number. What's new in CubeCart v6? The launch of v6 starts a whole new philosophy for online commerce. No Bloatware - CubeCart v6 ships with no extensions and we aim to make it as lightweight and as optimized as possible. Extensions can be easily installed, upgraded or downgraded by copying and pasting a "token" generated from the extensions marketplace. Extensions such as payment gateways, shipping rate calculators, skins etc now have individual version releases which means updates can get to you faster than having to wait and upgrade your store entirely.CubeCart v6 ships with one (intentionally basic looking) responsive theme powered by the brilliant Foundation Framework. Customise it easily and quickly or grab an off the shelf skin from the marketplace!There have been a number of significant performance enhancements. Improved caching is enabled by default and the homepage should have just three lightweight MySQL queries after the cache is built.Tweaks have been made to existing features such as dynamic product options on the manual order builder and improvements to the product import tool.All skins, mods, plugins etc (extensions) for v5 are forwardward compatible with version 6.Ioncube is no longer required, no software license key is required and calls home are no longer made.How long will v6 be in beta for? As v6 is a fork of v5 and we don't expect it to be in Beta long. After the beta release is over an announcement will be made and it will then be suitable for production environments. What's planned for v5? We will continue to maintain version 5 for the foreseeable future. The most recent release removes the requirement for software/copyright keys, ioncube and any calls home. Will you be supporting and developing v4 and v3 again? No. They have been added for archival reasons and are not recommended for production use. New versions however have been made to reflect their new licence and removal of any calls home or software/license key requirement. Do I need a Copyright Removal Key to remove "eCommerce by CubeCart" notices? No you don't but we would be grateful if you can support us by keeping it. What is different about technical support? We now offer monthly or annually paid technical support subscriptions with service level agreement (SLA). For those who require management a special support plan exists which includes unlimited installs, upgrades, server moves and extension installation. Technical support credits are no longer sold, any existing credits are still valid for use but are excluded from the enterprise service level agreements. Find out more here: https://www.cubecart.com/enterprise-support
  2. Hello, So recently within about the last week or two every time I attempt to view product for several specific categories through the CubeCart admin panel in V5.2.14 it takes a really long time to load the products. Sometimes it does not load at all. It is only for about 3 or 4 of the approx. 30+ specific categories I have on the site. I have tried closing everything but the one web page displaying the admin window and even restarting my computer. However my computer will run everything else just fine. I do not experience this in any other program or web page. Also all the other product categories work just fine. Why do these few categories not load properly in the admin page? Has anyone had this happen to them? NOTE: I did not change anything dramatically to the site or to the admin window. The only thing I have actually done is update a few products here and there. (Only a few have been in the categories with issues) And I deleted a user from the "Settings - Administrators" selection a few days ago. But other than that I have done nothing else.
  3. Noticed issue today updating my coupons which expired 12/31/14. When choosing the date from the pop up date selector, click > to go to 2015 (editing existing coupon expiration), changing left selector to May 1; then save. Back to line up of coupons, date remains 12/31/14. Able to change manually by editing the text entry and not using pop up date picker without any issue. I am one dot behind on latest release of CC5. And made the date hack to fix broken sales chart. No biggie, but thought I'd mention in case anybody else comes by here looking for fix/solution. Happy New Year!
  4. I have run into several issues in the past few days trying to get my cart approved by Google Shopping. I think I have solved them all successfully! However, while doing research on those issues, I found that the option to have USPS shipping as an option on my checkout pages is not working. I have setup the USPS shipping module with the setting shown in the attached image - which from my understanding, should work. When I add an item to my shopping cart and go to checkout, the only option for shipping is UPS! I am getting pretty frustrated with all the hoops I've had to jump through in the past few days and now this frustration is driving me to pull out what little hair I have left!!! I have searched through the shipping archives and cannot find anything that shows how this should be fixed...any assistance is appreciated! Thanks, Don UPDATE: Found the problem. I had to get a new user ID from USPS. The one I had been using evidently was not meeting their standards.... go figure!!! Thanks. DON
  5. Hello... This might be tricky and probably not possible. Is there a plugin or a way that I can create a consignment type category where I can create within the store a separate "homepage" when a user clicks on the consignment category link (or designated link) that will take them to a different "homepage" with the disclaimer and such for this section of the store. For instance, I am considering (for a fee) to list items from people outside of the store operations to list items (through me) in the store. However, I want a distinct separation through the consignment area and the official store area. Is there a plugin or mod already set up for this kind of action by chance? Or a way to do this? Thanks
  6. My site bugeyed.net has an SSL Certificate applied to it but failed the PCI compliance scan with this error..[There is a web application running on this host that transmits login credentials over HTTP, which is a clear-text protocol. As such, if an attacker was able to intercept traffic containing login credentials, it would be trivial to view user account and password information.] Their recomendation is to....[All web application communications containing sensitive information should be transmitted using SSL/TLS (HTTPS). If re-direction from HTTP to HTTPS is utilized in an attempt to remediate this finding, please ensure that such redirection occurs on the server side of the system (for example via the use of the HTTP "Location" header element) and that redirection is not reliant upon the client (browser) side.] I have already spoken with HG and they tried to edit the .htaccess file but said that wasn't working - it was putting it in a loop because of the #### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality #### Any ideas for the best way to redirect the http to an https login page? Thanks in advance!
  7. In my recent bout to get the gmail to work in cPanel site I found most of the available threads more of a distraction. The following is my summary. In gmail be sure imap is enabled Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Requires TLS smtp.gmail.com Port: 465 or 587 Requires SSL: Yes Requires authentication: Yes Use same settings as incoming mail server Then in cubecart: Store Settings/Advanced/email Now test
  8. Hi, folks ran into a minor issue today, whereby somebody placing a fake order from Germany (.de), with a stolen card with billing address of American Samoa, was able to bypass the CC gateway setting by simply putting American Samoa as the state, and then U.S. as the country, and it pushed through to Authorize.net 2x before I caught it. Adding an IP check to CC is going to be a mandatory addition to CC6 for us to keep using it as sadly it's too easy for people with stolen cards to use CC to "test" whether cards validate or not; a huge issue with all the hacked sites the past year. Right now there is basically no way to stop somebody from testing cards, by tricking the country setting to bypass the "don't allow from countries" setting in CC, and Authorize.net doesn't check "country" for AVS, only address, zip, security code, and card number. Basically ecom systems need to be more and more "locked down" with controls to block and/or blacklist IPs to stop abuse of the system. Yes, we can manually block IPs at server level, but it doesn't stop somebody from running a series of cards as happened to us on Nov 30th or so, when Ukraine hakcers were running 50+ cards against our store, using stolen American/US cards, when we're closed at night or weekends (when evil doers in other time zones are awake and we're sleeping). PLEASE consider IP blocking option/blacklist, and possible "lock out" option for more than 5 order attempts.
  9. I can see my 2013 sales figures, and now 2015, but 2014 is gone ? 5.2.13
  10. Image File Manager seems to be working fine, but image file list (under the Image tab) when a product is opened up for editing, the list is missing - completely blank window. I can upload and the new image will appear with the product, but I cannot select or deselect images (as I cannot see them listed at all). The error in the log was PHP Notice: GD::gdLoadFile - Unknown file type: /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/images/source/index.php in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/classes/gd.class.php on line 75 But I saw a code line substitution in a different Cubecart Forum page and tried it, now I get this error: Warning: implode() [function.implode.php]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/classes/gd.class.php on line 75 Here's the code line substitution i made to gd.class: original line 75: trigger_error(__METHOD__.' - Unknown file type: '.$file); New line trigger_error(__METHOD__.' - Unknown file type:' . $file . ': ' . implode(',',$this->_gdImageData));
  11. We would love to use the Social Media plugins that are embedded in Cubecart, but they are not behaving the way we need them to. Let's give a little example: When we go to share a product, let's just pick one at random: http://www.ballcardz.com/2010-topps-peak-performance-pp-33-cy-young-baseball-card.html The Pinterest button does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do; linking to the exact link, picture, etc. from above. When we go to use Facebook, E-Mail, Twitter or several of the other buttons, it links to this: Twitter - http://www.ballcardz.com/index.php?_a=product#.VJiuw498FEI.twitter Facebook and other buttons - http://www.ballcardz.com/index.php?_a=product I assume this is a coding error, and I have no idea where to look or why :-/ Please help! Thanks, Matt
  12. My CC 5.12 install is showing multiple problems (mostly permission issues) after I re-installed the site from a zip archive a week ago. As a way to bypass picking apart each problem at a time and repairing it, could I (theoretically) install a completely fresh copy of cubecart 5.14 and then import my CC 5.12 DB into the fresh version, and then start bringing in my content items? (I am using a customized Skin) Or would importing the older DB just reintroduce my old problems into the fresh copy? I am thinking the permission issues would not be present in the DB, so at least that would be solved?
  13. Hi, I only use the all in one shipping. I have noticed that in the dropdown menu where the customer has to select which shipping type I have setup at the top is says - All in One Shipping -. Can I remove that? If so where and how.. Thanks, Claudia
  14. Hi, I just updated to 5.2.14 and noticed that the Recaptcha is gone from my contact form and from the checkout page where the customer furnishes their information. I have recaptcha enabled in admin. Any thoughts? Thanks, Claudia
  15. Hi all, Close to launching my new site but have just found what I think may be another bug. If you place an order as a guest and then try to register at a later date, you get the error message: The following errors were detected: Invalid Username and/or Password This could be quite annoying. Is there a reason why guests shouldn't be able to register or shall I go ahead and make changes so that they can? Cheers, Chris
  16. Hi Just come across a problem when enabling the store wide Global Percentage Discount Sales Mode when using the Vector skin (actually to be more accurate when the Fusion plugin that is required for ShopDev's Vector and Blueprint skins is enabled). If you enter 30 as a global percentage discount on all products, then the price is displayed correctly on the product page, category page and also in the sale items and popular products side boxes but the Latest Products all display 0.00 (which isnt the sale price for each specific product as tried manually setting that and that price either). Interestingly, even if you switch to using another skin (tested with several standard skins) but leave the Fusion plugin enabled, the same behaviour happens - in order to get global sales pricing working even on a standard skin, you need to disabled the Fusion plugin ! This is using latest 5.2.14 CubeCart along with the "latest" (obviously been no updates in a while) versions of Vector and Fusion. Has anyone else using Vector experienced this or does nobody else use the global sale discount mode. Thanks Ian
  17. Hi can anyone help -our cube cart front page -latest product is not showing picture This is our site -www.sgcamerastore.com
  18. Want to add a variable "Tip" field to the total when CubeCart calculates final costs, so that customer can add a tip for delivery drivers (this CC install is for a pizza restaurant.). Is there a way to add a blank field so that a customer can type in any amount they wish for the Tip gratuity?
  19. After restoring cubecart store from backup, getting this output at the top on the production options admin page: Warning: uasort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 292 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 294 Warning: uasort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 292 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 294 Warning: uasort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 292 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/admin/sources/products.options.inc.php on line 294
  20. Trying to restore 5.12 Store from backup, but getting a white, blank admin login page. Store is otherwise working fine. I can log into individual customer accounts and all is correct on the front end. Restoring from SQL and site pages backup because I flubbed customizing a MOD. Is there something to reset to enable the admin login to load?
  21. Have been asking for a lot of help recently with various issues - now time to give something back!! On my old Cubecart 4 store, I got push notifications to my phone by signing up with Pushover (for literally a couple of quid) and then doing a bcc on the order processing e-mail to a special pushover e-mail address. For my new Cubecart 5 store I have a slightly more elegant solution which sends order values to my phone. I added this code to class/order.class.php around line 250 (after the order confirmation e-mail has been sent to customer): //CHRIS EDIT - Pushover notifications curl_setopt_array($ch = curl_init(), array( CURLOPT_URL => "https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json", CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => array( "token" => "YOURPUSHOVERTOKEN", "user" => "YOURPUSHOVERUSERID", "message" => "Order: ".$this->_order_summary['total'].". Customer: ".$this->_order_summary['last_name'].". Postcode: ".$this->_order_summary['postcode_d'], ), CURLOPT_SAFE_UPLOAD => true, )); curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); //END CHRIS EDIT .. and it worked first time! Cheers, Chris
  22. Hello, I am developing a cubecart skin by customizing the vanilla skin. I have posted once here before and recieved fast and helpful feedback; now I am having another issue. I wanted to get rid of the white spaces between my logo and surrounding items (menu, and both side div's) and at the bottom of both side div's. But nothing I do seems to get the job done. I have configured the padding around all the related items to no avail. My current fix for the logo was to change the background to black and make the width 788px; while this worded on the right side it didn't for the left and may not be the best practice (I wanted to extend the logo across the whole area). I tried float: left; for the links on the bottom and that got rid of the white spacing on the bottom of the side panels, but pulled the mobile and created by content beside each other in an unflattering way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Sam
  23. I am manually linking to a few areas using links like index.php?_a=addressbook Is there an SEO URL associated with these type of links instead? - does anyone have a list? I remember using an older CubeCart (maybe a v3) where using these URLs they would automatically be converted to the SEO URL if available... was that default functionality or was that a plugin/hack doing that? Looking at the accounts page all the links are like this: index.php?_a=profile index.php?_a=addressbook index.php?_a=logout search, etc. Just seems a bit messy when all the other links across the whole website are in the nice SEO format.
  24. Hi all, Just fixing various bugs in the checkout system and just need some advice on this one: If you choose print order form as the payment option, you get a confirmation e-mail. If you then refresh the page you get another e-mail. Would I be right in thinking Cubecart should check if an e-mail has already been sent before sending another one. I could add a `e-mailed` field in the `order_summary` table then perform a look-up against this column before sending the e-mail. Or does anyone else have any brighter ideas?
  25. Hi guys! Does cubecart have the option to set extra charges per gateway? I would like to charge for the use of some gateways, but I can't find if cubecart supports this. Many thanks!
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