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Paypal have to confirm 4 times


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Ok I use the paypal plug in and configured the API and IPN im on cubecart 5.2.5 pro


when you add an item to the cart and click pay with paypal,

it goes to the pay pal login page, you you click pay the money or whatever it says on paypal

it comes back to the cart and you click make payment

then it says confirm shipping, you click make payment AGAIN

then it say order confirmed.

what i want is after login to paypal and click pay the mula, I want it to come back to the cart and say order confirmed and empty the cart instead of all this extra clicking.


what am I doing wrong????


there are no errors in the IPN logs it all says everything is great

ive tried both web pay /expres AND express only it does the same thing either way


is there a hook I need to config or some custom PHP i need to write or what?


very frustrating not being able to figure it out

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Welcome tipawn! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Disclaimer: I know very little about how the PayPal side of things work.


There is no additional code or customizing anything with respect to CubeCart.


On the other hand, there are too many other reports that CubeCart and PayPal cannot seem to agree on some things.


"it comes back to the cart and you click make payment"


With PayPal Express Checkout (the orange button on the last order summary screen during checkout), an alternate payment method, is supposed to happen as you describe -- up to this point.


In admin, Plugins, PayPal, you are shown an IPN address. I believe this needs to be given to PayPal somewhere in your PayPal merchant panel.


Why PayPal is sending you back to the checkout process, I do not know. PayPal is supposed to tell CubeCart that the order was successful, and CubeCart shows a Thankyou page.


My suggestion, because I have no real experience with PayPal, is to log in to your CubeCart account panel (cp.cubecart.com) and submit a support ticket.


There may be others on the forum who do have better knowledge of what PayPal is doing relative to your store.

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We have a close relationship with PayPal and we have integrated to their specification exactly which has been certified. The biggest issue is that CubeCart requires a phone number and PayPal often doesn't have this value. We discussed this in depth with PayPal and we decided the best course of action is to edit your PayPal settings to require a phone number. This changes the checkout so that when the customer goes to PayPal they are asked for a phone number if they don't already have one set. Then when they are returned to your store there are enough return fields to complete the "registration" and the "Continue" button should change to "Make Payment".


There is a note at the bottom of the module configuration page:

CubeCart requires the customers phone number in order to checkout. On returning from an Express Checkout payment CubeCart will display a form to the customers if no phone number is present. To bypass this and speed up the checkout process we recommend that "Contact Telephone Number" is set to "On" in your PayPa account. This can be found under Profile > Website payment settings > Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout > Preferences.
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first thanks for your replies, here is more specific info.


When it goes from paypal back to the cart the first time it makes me click make payment inside cube cart.


then it comes back to cubecart saying to verify the shipping method in a BIG green box at the top, I do nothing except scroll down and click make payment AGAIN and then it confirms my order.


I want it to come back from pay pal directly to a thank your your order is confirmed page without clicking anything else inside cubecart


IPN is on in both paypal and cubecart and this is the setting inside paypal - http://www.fishinbudy.com/store/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal


in paypal auto return is set to off


contact phone is set to on (required)

Contact Telephone

On (Optional Field)On (Required Field)Off (PayPal recommends this option)
it just doesnt work and I think it is set correctly but not positive.
Why does it come back to the cart at all why not a confirmation page?
do I need to turn on auto return and if so what URL do I give it?
do I select payment data transfer and if so where to I plug the identity token given to me by paypal on the cube cart admin?
FYI -  this "Profile > Website payment settings > Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout > Preferences."
 - that you mentioned above and is also in the cube cart admin no longer exists.
it is now "Profile > My Selling Tools > Website Preferences > update" this was VERY confusing.
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I have resolved this issue now. The warning will just inform the customer if new shipping quotes are available. I have tested this throughly with registered, non registered customer with native checkout and PayPal Express and Amazon which all work well. If anyone wants to volunteer for a prerelease of 5.2.8 with this code please do let me know.  

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It's running, had no problems - even my 'Lettering Tool' (thanks to Brian's revision of it anyway) is working.


And this is probably something I am doing BUT, when I go to Paypal (sign in, make sure the delivery address is correct) and hit Continue - I am sent back to my store (Great) but have to log into my account there again.


So, somehow I am getting logged out of my Cubecart account when I go to Paypal !


I always clear the cache these days as a matter of course.

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Nik, if using Firefox, there are add-ons (Web Developer Toolbar, HttpFox, Live HTTP Headers, and Firebug) that let you watch what cookies are being sent and received.


We would very much like to know if the (CubeCart) cookies for the domain of your store remain stable when going to PayPal, and then getting back to (CubeCart) your store.


I'm also thinking that the trip to PayPal and back takes less than 60 minutes?

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I can say that in my testing, that when I am taken to PayPal the session remains good - if I open another window and browse to my store, I am still logged in. It is only when returned that the session ends.


Also, if debugging is turned on doesn't it show the cookie contents? Would the data that shows be sufficient to determine anything?

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ok, using Firebug I will take a screenshot of the cookies as I go through the checkout process, at each stage.


I cleared the cookies on my machine and what was displayed in Firebug - shame I cant get that Firebug window onto another screen but I will muddle through.


At Checkout.


At Paypal,  pre-login.


At Paypal - Logged in.


Back to store - Logged out.


I hope that is what you need.

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I still don't get this at all. I can't see any code changes in any recent version that are remotely relevant to this issue.


Nik was this fine before upgrading to 5.2.7? 


I've spent 90% of the day on the helpdesk so I haven't been able to look deeper into this yet I'm afraid. I have to prioritise the helpdesk. 

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