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Sudden Software License Error #8 on existing live store


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We are just experiencing a sudden software licence error on our existing live store. Our admin is completely down, this is a Cubecart 4. We never ever faced such issue before in the past four years and nothing has been amended in our core files recently which could explain it.


Here is the message when we try to log into our admin:

Software License Error #8 Software License Key has been disabled.

includes/extra folder exists and is writable.
includes/extra/key.php doesn't exist!
Note: The key.php file can be deleted at anytime and the store will attempt to regenerate it. Your software license key is held in the includes/global.inc.php file.


Please contact our sales staff and they will investigate this for you.



Our hosting company has tried to upload a back file of the key but as soon as it is done and the page is refreshed, the file disappeared and clearly the store cannot regenerate it.


We are quite desperate especially happening on a Friday evening  !!!


Can anyone help us here ?


Many thanks



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I have no experience at solving a problem such as this, but there are two things:

1. Your hosting provider may have implemented a virus scanner on your site and the scanner doesn't like the code it finds in the key.php file. So, the key file gets deleted when the scanner sees it when CubeCart attempts to read it. I absolutely do not know if CC4 would/could delete the key file if the license enforcement mechanism makes that determination. You might try to put the file back, then set its properties to "read-only" or  "cannot delete from a script". (I have no idea how to do that.)

2. CubeCart 4.4.8 has been published which (I believe) is no different than CC4.4.7 except the licensing enforcement has been stripped out. If your store can be updated to CC4.4.8, that would be the preferred solution.

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Morning Al,


Thanks for your reply on a Saturday morning (!), much appreciated as slightly stressed out .... when you refer to  index.php and admin.php files, are they the "main" ones or the ones of a sub directory like includes or others ?


bsmither, thank you for your reply too, great to see that people on the forum are here to help even over the week-end. Much appreciated.



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