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Leaving reviews for downloaded extensions


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It would make the extensions marketplace much more useful for everybody if people downloading and using any type of extension could start using the review section.

CubeCart V5 was designed to use plugins and skins that could be used without changing any core file, meaning users could easily add functionality to their stores and now V6 has built on that with the extensions marketplace providing the fantastic ability to install directly from within the store using tokens.

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I tried to leave a review (more of an advisory related to the version available at the time, actually), but couldn't.


The reason for my difficulty is that the review functionality is (or so I conclude) sourced from a third-party off-site "comments management system". I couldn't figure out just how far I needed to go in allowing my browser unfettered permissions (which I never do) to run javascripts and fetch other resources retrieved from off-site sources.


So I gave up.

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