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Two issues: checkout and taxes


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Taxes are not being added to my products. I have tried the following: 

In Taxes: tax class name> "taxname" > Tax Details >Display as "taxname" & "null" >tax rules "taxname" "20%" "Country=Canada, US" "all regions" apply to "goods" status "enabled" 

On product panel>Pricing: 

I add "taxname". I have tried switching "tax included" to 0 (off) and 1 (on) but neither one results in tax being added to the product when the customer checks out. I've added tax to the base price in the interim. 



Paypal is the only form of checkout for our store, however the store offers a "checkout using credit card" button. The button does not auto-redirect to paypal so orders sent this way can't be processed (they end up coming up on my panel as "pending" and returning the inexplicable error message "that e-mail has already been registered")  I have been e-mailing paypal invoices to customers and confirmed that no gateway other than paypal is selected, but that hasn't worked. 


Custom No product image image


I can't locate the link to put in my own custom, logo-based "no image" box 


Any help would be very much appreciated. 



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Welcome devkate! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Let's try creating a Tax for a store in California USA:

Tax Classes: leave this as is. There may be no reason to create another 'class' of taxes.

Tax Details: "Add Tax Detail": Unique Name = LST, Display As = CA, Status = Enabled

Save the form (the reason will be discussed later).

Come back to Tax Details. Make sure LST appears in the Tax Details table.

Tax Rules: "Add Tax Rule": Tax Class = Standard, Tax Detail = LST, Country = United States, State = California, Tax Rate = 8.7500, Apply = G&S, Status = Enabled

Save the form.

Come back to Tax Rules. Make sure Standard>LST>United States>California is in the table.

At this point, you can add another Tax Rule: Tax Class = Standard, Tax Detail = LST, Country = United States, State = All Regions, Tax Rate = 0, Apply = G&S, Status = Enabled

You should also disable all the VAT rules. Save the form.

On the Pricing tab for a product, Tax Class = Standard

(Elsewhere, you can create other Customer classes who may enjoy a Reduced Tax class or an Exempt tax class on purchases.)

What we now have is a Standard tax structure that, if the destination is California (and your store is in California), the Local Standard Tax (LST) for California applies. If outside California, All Regions apply.

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I like the idea of a logo-based no-image image.

In the folder /skins/YOUR_SKIN/images/, you will find the noimage image.

Depending on the skin, it may actually be in the /common/ folder, or any of the /images/YOUR_STYLE/ folder, and may be in one size, or more than one size.

The pixel size and HxW ratio is important to maintain.

Because this image will have the same name, be sure to have your browser force a complete reload of the page so as to dump its cache and get a fresh copy of the image.

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Normally, CubeCart's admin shows a series of tabs for a collected group of settings (Store Settings, for example). And normally, you are free to look at and edit any of these settings on any tab, then when finished, one click of Save will save it all. That's because these tabs are (almost always) simple "visibility switches" to one very long web form, divided into hidden <div> blocks.

There are a few specific instances where the admin must first create an object on one tab, Save, then continue to develop that object on the other tabs. Options for products is one case, Taxes is another. It is an inconsistency in admin "user experience" that I am most distressed about.

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devkate - I had to use PayPal Gateway to get to the PayPal screen to processes credit cards as they are my CC processor.  So customers can use CC or PayPal to pay for purchases.  They do not need a PP account to process a CC.

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