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"states" if not filled out gives "0" in addresses


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Hi, running cubecart v6.0.1 on PHP v5.3.3, with "foundation" skin - finding that in Admin, if customers have not selected a "state" from the dropdown menus on the delivery or billing addresses, the addresses then come up with a "0" in the "state" line of the address. Many customers are leaving it (state, aka county) unfilled as they are in London, and this is generating an unwanted 0 in a line below town, but above postcode, in addresses.


I'd like to be able to either suppress this, have a default state setting, or force customers to select a state. Any help or advice gratefully received.

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You should upgrade to the latest version 6.0.7 as you are running a very old versions that has had hundreds of bugs fixed plus all versions of V6 prior to 6.0.7 contain a serious security risk so you are potentially opening your store up to being hacked.

You should also look to upgrade your PHP versions as 5.3.3 is massively old and if you need to stay on 5.3 for whatever reason then you should upgrade to the latest version of that as well


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This may have been fixed in a version greater than CC601.

What is supposed to happen is that the skin's javascript has a form verifier script that, if the chosen country has states/counties, then the state/county textbox changes to a drop-down selector with a 'required' attribute.

Still, for a country with no state/county, the field remains a text box that is not required to be filled in - I think.

What needs to be found in your CC601 is where CubeCart sees '0' (or an empty string) as the state/county and suppresses the display of it.

Again, that may have beeen fixed in a later version.

If you do upgrade to version CC607, there is a known issue that affects the Save button on screens in admin.

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