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Trouble Upgrading to V6


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I am having some trouble with the upgrade process. I downloaded CubeCart v6.0.8, extracted it, and uploaded the files over my existing ones (after creating a backup, of course). But when I browse to my stores /setup folder, the only option to upgrade is to version 5.2.12 (this is my current version) NOT to v6.


Please advise accordingly. Thanks.

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Can yiu do a screen print and attach to the thread ?  Are you sure that you uploaded all the extracted files to the correct location ?  Have you checked what version the ini.inc.php file is showing.

Incidentally, php 5.3.3 and mysql 50083 are both extremely old and have a lot of security issues and you should consider upgrading them both


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Thanks for the reply. How do I go about upgrading php and mysql? 

Unless this is your own dedicated server or VPS, then you won't be able to upgrade either and you will need to speak to your hosting company to ask them.  There are often reasons to stay on the 5.3 thread of php but it should always be on the very latest release of this as there are a LOT of security issues in a version this old.

That is weird. I do not know how that could happen.

But I have to ask: you have a store sub-domain and a /cart/ sub-folder. How is that working for you?

I also would question why you have a store. sub-domain and then have it installed in a sub-directory - one or the other is fine - the sub-domain being preferable .

The only explanation I can offer, without actually seeing the environment, is that you have uploaded the new version to the wrong area


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