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I am experiencing the same issue. I have ticked "hide of stock products" in the store settings.

I have cleared the cache of the store, the cache of the browser, forced a refresh, no change, out of stock products still visible

I have logged as a customer, made no difference.

I have tested it on products with and without matrix stock level, no difference either.

Something is not working here.

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Please verify the following:

In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable Debugging and enter your IP address in the adjacent field (www.whatismyip.com). Save.

In the debug section, find __SESSION and the 'admin_id'. Note that the value is not zero.

Logout of admin.

View the storefront.

In the debug section, verify that if there is an 'admin_id', it is zero.


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CubeCart falls back to the "parent" product's (main) stock level if no matrix combination's stock level can be found. That is, using the Options Matrix table, one can specify a stock level and a "use stock level" for each row in the OM table. If any row from this table gives any kind of "yes, we have something" response, the product will be shown.

For the product you have observed, you said "size out of stock is still listed", please explain that. Are you saying that this product has only "Size" as an option? Are there any Size rows in the OM table?

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Size is the only option in the matrix indeed. For this product, I have 8 different sizes.

I set up on purpose size UK 10 = 0, "use stock level" is also ticked at matrix level. " Use Stock Level " is also ticked at the general tab of the product.

Yet when I go on the product page of the storefront and I am logged out of admin, I click on Size and all sizes are there in the drop down list including size UK 10 which I set at 0. I would have expected size UK 10 to be hidden unless it does not work at matrix level ?


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Here's the reason why this does not show expected results: the OM table is built by creating a row for every possible option combination.

This is absolutely not how options are presented on the product page - regardless that there is only one option group (size).

CubeCart must allow for having more than one option group (size, color, scent, etc). If Big/Red/Cherry is out of stock, Small/Red/Cherry and Big/Green/Cherry is still in stock. So the options to choose any size, any color, and any scent must always show the full complement of choices.

Even if everything you have in Big is out of stock, even if you only have one option group, CubeCart is not programmed to deal with specifics at that level.

That's not to say CubeCart can't have programming added to evaluate channel-voids in an n-dimensional matrix.

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Thanks for this clarification. I know where I stand now until Cubecart decides to do something about it.

In the meantime, Semperfi is doing a modification for me so that when the option in the matrix is out of stock, it will continue to show but in grey colour and it will not be selectable by customers, so even better.


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