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[Resolved] Images Exclude


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Hi Cubecart forum,

I have found in: Products/images there is an Exclude Image tick button.

However I am unable to click on it or even untick the included Image box.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I also found that if I uploaded an image with the same name I get both listed in the file manager.

Your comments and observations please.



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Regarding the image you posted, I see a folder named 'Coffee'. Just above this icon and phrase, there is show:
Star - Main Image CheckedBox - Included Image BlankBox - Excluded Image

That is the legend of the symbols used in the listing of the images.

Perhaps on the line below 'Coffee', there might be an image with the filename 'One_Cup_Brewer.jpg'. To the right of that image filename, there will be a symbol - either a Star, a CheckedBox, or a BlankBox.

You will want to click on the symbol shown to the right of the filename. By clicking on that symbol associated with the filename, the symbol cycles from BlankBox to CheckedBox to Star to BlankBox, etc.

As for uploading an image with the same name as an existing image -- I am not aware of the uploader making any adjustment to the filename so as to avoid same-name collisions. The underlying operating system (Linux, Windows, whatever) makes it nearly impossible for same-name collisions, that is, the same filename in the same folder. Linux allows for capitalization to make a filename different. Use FTP or your hosting account's control panel to examine the /images/source/ folder to find what appears to be this same-name situation.

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