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Last week I upgraded to CC6.1

I have found the following issue with the red banner in admin section and wonder if anyone else has seen this.

Please see the image attached. You can see the missing image which is in the list below. I also tested that it can still be downloaded. 

When I first saw the red banner I immediately drag and dropped another image to the site, so that is why there are two listed.  I like the drag and drop upgrade to 6.1.0


Where to start?



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It is interesting that this list is supposed to be limited to image-type files. Files associated with a product that is not an image, probably a downloadable file for a digital product, gets saved in the /files/ directory.

So, I think we need to start looking at how non-image files are getting listed in this Image picker.

There is this: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1336

In that code referenced by the Github issue, it seems that the download link must form a fully qualified URL. That is, it must start with http, https, or ftp.

Looking at the code now.

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So, the CC611 code checks only for a fully qualified URL (that is, starts with a transfer protocol), but does not actually check that the URL will retrieve anything.

The Github issue #1336 adds the check for a simple path, and this code change will be in CC612.

However, the path shown in the error message is strange. The path implies the file is located one folder up from CubeCart's main folder, then down the /shop/images/source/ path.

For this product, on the Digital tab, do you have anything entered for a Custom File Path?

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