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showing prices with and without VAT


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Just now, bsmither said:

There is an extension in the MarketPlace that will do this.

should be incorporated into CC without marketplace :)

ok ive now purchsed Noodleman plugin and installed via the thunderbolt, but when i enable and try to edit page is blank? do i need to copy some files/folders into my site?

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If you are getting a blank page, it will almost certainly be because you either have the wrong version installed , for example the PHP5.5 version when you have PHP 5.6 or higher, or vice versa.

Or.. you have an old version of IonCube loaders installed and it doesn't know how to decode the module files. Your server error log will tell you if this is the case. If this is the issue open a support ticket and I can provide you with a legacy version which should work for you.

The show prices module doesn't need any code changes to work, but may require you to make some store skin changes, depending on how you want it to work.

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