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How to Fix Database Index?

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You say that "you" didn't make a backup. Maybe your hosting provider made a nightly backup of the database??? Doesn't hurt to ask.

What version of Cubecart are you running? If you made a recent upgrade, then maybe the upgrade - under Cubecart's control - would have made a backup of the store.

If so, look in admin, Maintenance, Backup tab. See if there are any Existing Backups that you can download.

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Yep. Already thought of this. The backup for my hosting happened on 11/12, and there have been hundreds of categories and products added/removed since then, and no backup within cubecart. Oh well. Tedious lesson learned. I really appreciate your help, as always. After I get these cats reassigned, I will need to revisit this, as I'm having the same KEY/PRIMARY database errors that led me to this thread. 

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@traylor23 you are very welcome ! One takeaway is that you might want to look into the frequency and accessibility of backups your hosting company is doing.  Minimum has to be full off-server backup once per day but even that for busy transactional sites can lead to massive data loss.  As an example, we do hourly Continuous Data Protection backups !

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