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[Resolved] Galaxy X skin problem


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I need some help please,

I am setting up a site with Galaxy X skin. It has a major problem in that the checkout does not proceed beyond the point after having selected payment type. I click the checkout button having selected the payment type but it does not go to the next stage.

All of the rest of the cart setup is correct, if I change back to the foundation skin it works perfectly, I also tried minimaliser skin which also works perfectly. I have the latest Cubecart 6.1.7 and the latest skin 1.8. I have tried the developer Patrick Bullert but he seems unable to remedy the problem, in fact I am still waiting for a response from him.

I am stuck until I can solve this issue.

Many thanks,



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Yes I have the latest 1.8 version of the skin.

This is driving me mad! I cannot find out why it is not working. To be more precise neither the update cart or the checkout buttons work. It seems as if it thinks it does not have the data it needs to progress.

I have recaptcha turned off but have tried it both on and off!

Every so often I switch back to the foundation skin and everything works as it should!!




I want the recaptcha off anyway, perhaps the galaxy skin needs it and therefore cannot progress.

There is a post mentioned by bsmither which has some stuff about the recaptcha in the Galaxy skin here but I am not sure how relevant it is to my post.

Yes to the technical support plan.




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Gents, It is now working! the problem was a server path issue. The PHP settings by default are set to a TMP directory, as soon as I changed it to the site root from the default TMP folder it worked like a dream!

I have to say as well that the designer of the skin Patrick Bullert was really helpful, he has spent time trying to help me solve the problem over several days, my thanks to him.

Although not a cheap skin Galaxy X  is superb, looks great and is easy to use.

Many thanks to all,

I guess I will be back!

Where do I remove the default tick from "I would like to set up an account"







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Glad he's actively supporting the skin!

Look in content.checkout.confirm.php for this section:

<div class="row">
   <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" {$REGISTER_CHECKED}><label for="show-reg">{$LANG.account.create_account}</label></div>

I don't allow guest customers, so I'm not positive how to adjust it. I would GUESS you change the value to zero.

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