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Any NEW Skin/Theme tutorials

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I have been playing around with different skins / themes for cubecart and quite honestly some just don't work properly with what I need. I don't have a lot of $$$$ to spend because this is a completely trial store/product idea that may go belly up before it even gets launched. But, I wanted to see if I could find good tutorials on creating my own skin, but everything is from 2012 and do not even include the most popular foundation skin.

Anyone able to point me to a good direction? Or looking for some portfolio work?


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The Pinegrow Web Editor promises to be incredibly innovative. I have worked with it last year, and will continue to play with it as it gets better. It's a complicated development tool - which, to me, raises the question, would it be quicker to hand code the skin rather than spend the time learning the tool to build the skin. It is written by a small team who - my opinion - do not have broad experience in UX. The goals of this editor is supposed to solve design projects for responsiveness.

For another project, I started with a template that looked close enough, then added the variables to it.

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