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Disappearing Google Categories

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Since upgrading to 6.2, I've noticed that the google categories for our products have been slowly disappearing.

It seems, when you edit an item, although you can select the category, when it's saved the value is cleared. So in effect every time you edit an item the previous category is deleted.

As an experiment, I tried using the demo cubecart store on cubecart.com and it does the same thing ..

Of course, it could be something I've done.




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Try it in the demo cubecart store (I've tried a few different computers / browsers).

If you edit the TV stand, the only category that seems to "stick" is the first "Animals & Pet Supplies" option.

Our own site behaves in the exact same way (it would be OK, if we were selling aminals & pet supplies).



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I couldn't reproduce it because it only happens with debug turned off. It was caused by HTML minification of the admin control panel. I removed this as its just not required. 

It's to optimise the front end. 

To get it working now please either turn on debug mode (restricted to your IP) or apply this patch:


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