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Is it possible to submit an order without payment?


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A website is running version 6 and currently only in catalogue mode.

They would like customers to be able to add products to their cart and submit the potential order. This is due to the size and weight of their products, as well as shipping destination, shipping costs varies too much to have it included online. Once they recieve an order they will manually check shipping costs and speak to the customer directly to see if they want to go ahead.

Is there anyway this can be done?



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20 minutes ago, Al Brookbanks said:

Sure. If you choose the bank transfer or print order form extensions you can complete the order without taking payment. It would be easy to add a note to explain the process to the customer. We could do this for you on our managed support plan. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support 

Amazing! Thank you that is so helpful. I will take a look.

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You could use the print order form extension as mentioned above. Then modify the wording on the form to say something along the lines:

"We have received your order, we will check stock availability and contact you shortly with confirmation."

Change the botton which says 'Print Order Form' to something like 'Submit for Quote'

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I have finally got this set up but during testing i can't get the order to progress to the Complete screen, nothing happens when i click the Secure Checkout button. I have tried both with no region set and then Australia, with and without bank details.

Is there anything i could have missed? I tried searching for instructions but couldn't find any. 

The website is https://mplastics.com.au/    Cubecart version 6.4.4 with customised Basix skin.

Thanks in advance



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