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  1. Found this thread now. I already fixed it but this is rare situation, session expiration time set to 10 hours helped. Anyway going to investigate for further reasons if any.
  2. I bet error mesage A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again. appears on a white page.It is not CubeCart message as 'bsmither' already mentioned but web server one. It is common when a php file has improper permissions set 755 in most of cases. 644 is files common permission.
  3. Download link email is gateway unrelated as it depends to the order status. Any online payment gateways CubeCart 4 is using must have a code to change order status to COMPLETED when payment is cleared. When order is tangible cart code does not change order status to completed but processing and download link email is being sent (if any digital good there) along payment cleared emali. When order is digital only status changes to completed and download link email is also being sent along order completed email. When order remains pending gateway does not change order status for whatever reason. If payment is made but order status does not chamge that means gateway code is the only code what is responsible for,
  4. Seems issue already resolved using different forum >thread
  5. Please sign-up to your customer account and open a support ticket clicking Get Support over at https://cp.cubecart.com.
  6. I was working on this last week and this is just enough to add to the main.php header section (some peeps are using og:image only) {if $PRODUCT} <meta property="og:image" content="{$PRODUCT.thumbnail}"> <meta property="og:url" content="{$VAL_SELF}"> {/if} New products LIKE button works well a proper image is used (does not matter image gallery there) but the older ones already LIKED don't as Facebook keeps results cached/recorded (URL and image). That means image wont change in the same URL instead if og;image URL. I have read somewhere FB rebuilds cache/records but I didn't noticed this may be more independent LIKE clicks required. Final code looks similar it will be in next release available.
  7. Official fix, change if (isset($_POST['register']) && $_POST['register']==1) { to if (isset($_POST['register']) && !empty($_POST['register'])) { it just covers both of registration area. Value 1 check $_POST['register']==1 has been added becasue of popular 3rd party skin to support even radio button on checkout area however standard registration page omitted. Thanks folks.
  8. CubeCart does nothing. Transaction - every query result is commited by engine automatically.
  9. Good point no doubt, thank you. The final (last) code is different I did Friday evening. Problem you mentioned is rare one but a reality we met in the past using v4 LOL The only reason to recode the original line used till 5.0.9 is the new feaure in 5.1.0 - Upgrade. Absolute path is required and the original code doesn't match requirements. Simple solution at this time: require_once(preg_replace('/setup$/','',realpath(dirname(__FILE__))).'ini.inc.php');
  10. Pretty basic example. Using transactions you can: - start a transaction - do the first query - if first query is successful do the second query. If second query succeeds then commit the transaction, else rollback the transaction (cancell both queries and results that correspond to that transaction).
  11. We did a fix in 5.1.0 to prevent multiple Pending records on order history when order is placed but it brought a problem no emails were sent to an admin. Another fix made it working [http://bugs.cubecart...iew.php?id=194] but we are back as we were before 5.1.0. However fix is opening a door to add additional feature. Mulltiple emails and history record is the matter. New email is always being sent when customer tried to order multiple times (the same order id in use) + order history record made. Some admins complained about multiple records in order history. Only helps to use Processing status to sent admin order placed email at this time. Now what would be the best? A small piece of history: Version 3 didn't sent multiple emails to admin but the first one. This however could made different order content than in email content when customer tried to checkout multiple times. Some store admins complaned about. Then version 4 changed it a new order ID is generated by any multiple checkout attempts and a previos one order has been cancelled. Once again some store owners complained about. That was the reason initial v5 sent an order placed email when order status was processing but many sore owners complained about. :-) New fix opens a door to control what to do when an order is updated on checkout, customer already reached payment select page but returned back and forth either trying to use different payment option. Any comments, advices are highly appreciated.
  12. Really don't know. Unsure even it brings more possitives than negatives. Tables are beiing locked by any insert/update/delete and transaction is commited immediately by default. What kind of inconsistence are you thinking about?
  13. 5.0.7 had some bug on order total/tax calculation please upgrade to the newer best to latest version. Product prices on basket box area and checkout pages are always tax excluded. Proper VAT/TAX is counted and shown.
  14. Just post a feature request to http://bugs.cubecart.com a new tab like Blocked Zones is the trick.
  15. This is the only reason. We always recommend to rephrase strings. Stable version 5 is the top priority at this time.
  16. We're on the track and it should be already fixed in 5.0.7
  17. Prices in basket are now tax excluded. The reason is simple - any customer who is not tax qualified won't pay taxes when tax is prices included. We have got complaints non qualified customers are tax charged as it is in price included.
  18. Problem was different. You are using unpublished release and this code was different there $where[] = 'I.manufacturer IN ('.implode(',', $search_data['manufacturer']).')'; it made mess I already fixed. :closedeyes:
  19. Thank you, I already uploaded that file when it came out and it did not correct the problem. I am using IE 9 now could that be the problem, although customers have said it happens with Chrome as well. Only I can suggest is to open a SUPPORT ticket clicking GET SUPPORT at http://cp.cubecart.com so we can have a look at.
  20. This product has NO category ID defined - it belongs to NO category. You have to delete it from database outside of CubeCart.
  21. Please read this article https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/57/17/category-product-counts-is-wrong--how-to-remove-product-counts
  22. re-captcha original SSL certificate expired and NEW SSL re-captcha URL is required. This was the main reason to release a maintenance release 4.4.5. You can find also the re-captcha class file updated
  23. This has been already fixed in 4.3.9 (April 2010 !!!) http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=1633 it is worth to keep store up to date :-)
  24. I can confirm this is a problem for IE6 and 7. The culprit is function showloader() in js/jslibrary.js. Fix here: http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=2157
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