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  1. Hi, I want to add some custom text to the [host]/shop/index.php?_a=gateway page - see attached for page, and where I want to insert the text. Which file(s) do I need to edit to do this? I've had a search in the forums and a look in the cPanel files but can't find anything. Cheers.
  2. I have not upgraded my current store to the latest version of 6.1.7 yet because I had a lot of CSRF errors even though the site is not currently on an SSL url. I now have access to upgrade to SSL for the site. My question is whether or not there is anything I should be aware of before enabling SSL on my site? Will this cause any issues in my store that I need to be aware of? I am not sure I can undo my SSL upgrade once it is done. However, I do not want to be without the latest and greatest cubecart versions! Any advice will be helpful!
  3. Hi Creating a newsletter via admin at the moment. What I would like to understand is where is the content of that newsletter, once created (not referring to email template), is stored ? ie what's the URL for it ? I noticed that when you click on unsubscribe, the page that opens contains the heading: "Newsletters There are no archived newsletters right now." So I am guessing that is where they will show ? Also, I would like to add a message on my newsletter like "Email or pictures not displaying correctly? Please click here to view it as a web page.", also the reason why I am asking. Many thanks S.
  4. Hello! I changed content.category.php for traditional pagination, according to internal comment. However, in desktop version I have number of pages buttons _and_ more button. In mobile version it lloks properly. Screenshot is attached, the piece of code is following next. Where did I a mistake? {* Uncomment for traditional pagination *} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-9 columns"> {$PAGINATION} </div> <div class="large-3 columns show-for-medium-up"> <dl> <dd> <select class="url_select"> {foreach from=$PAGE_SPLITS item=page_split} <option value="{$page_split.url}"{if $page_split.selected} selected{/if}>{$page_split.amount}</option> {/foreach} </select> </dd> </dl> </div> </div> {* Add "hide-for-small-up" to the class attribute to not display the more button *} <div class="hide-for-small-up" id="ccScrollCat">{$category.cat_id}</div> {if $page!=='all' && ($page < $total)} {$params[$var_name] = $page + 1} <a href="{$current}{http_build_query($params)}{$anchor}" data-next-page="{$params[$var_name]}" data-cat="{$category.cat_id}" class="button tiny expand ccScroll-next">{$LANG.common.more} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-angle-down"></use></svg></a> {/if} </div> <div class="hide-for-small-up" id="lang_loading">{$LANG.common.loading}</div>
  5. Hello! I'm trying to add a vertical gallery, which was presented in 6.1.7, to a site worked on 6.1.5. I triyed to copy a piece of code from element.product.vertical_gallery.php (lines 13-27) to content.product.php . The result is blank page. As I understand, some classes (or may be more) are defined and described in other files of 6.1.7 release, however my knowledge of the CubeCart engine isn't enough to understand all interactions. Could somebody be so kind to help me with this task?
  6. Hello! I found that if I, as an admin, make changes in an order (status 'Processing'), it doesn't affect to inventory. For example, I remove a product from an order and stock for this product doesn't increase. Is it feature or bug?
  7. Good Morning. I use 2 user profiles: retailers and end customers. With the normal products I have no problems, but when there are variants, I see that I can only put a price for each option in the matrix. Is there no option to be able to set one price for retailer and another for final customer in the array of options?
  8. Hi Gone live with V6 today and in my stats I noticed a lot of product URL with ajax price format like: https://www.xxxx.com/xxx/old V4 URL.html?_g=ajax_price_format&price[0]=190» When I click on the little arrow at the end of the URL, it opens a blank page on my site with the following text ["\u00a399.00"] . That text varies from time to time, ie ["\u00a358.00"] Does anyone know why that is and is it normal behaviour ? I also get so many index.php?_a=404, it is quite surprising and do wander why all these 404 error pages ????? I am trying to assess whether some customers are struggling to access the website or something .... Thanks for your help. S.
  9. Hi Forum, Can anyone give me some idea on how to display all products (say in alphabetical order) on the home page? How can I generate the full product list using the database query with a new global variable $all_products and use it in my home page or in a box? Any clue from anyone? Many thanks in advance. Madan
  10. I have some goods which have same names (books with same names, but different publishers). As a result it's difficult to assembly order without pictures of goods. Could it be possible to add a small picture of each product in Order/Overview tab? For example, as in Product section? Also, it would be nice to convert a name of product from text to hyperlink on the product. I tried to play with admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php (line 165 ish): <fieldset id="items"> <legend>{$LANG.catalogue.title_items}</legend> {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} <div id="item"> <a href="{$product.image_path_large}" class="colorbox" title="{$product.name}" target="_blank"><img src="{$product.image_path_tiny}" style="max-width: 30px; max-height: 30px" alt="{$product.name}"></a> {$product.quantity} x {$product.name} - {$product.product_code} ({$product.line_formatted}) {if $product.digital}{/if} <span>{$product.price_total_formatted}</span> ... But in real life $product.image_path_large and $product.image_path_tiny are empty... As I understand it is necessary to load their values from database, but I don't have any clue how and where to do it... P.S. The current configuration is 6.1.5.
  11. Hi, When I create a manual order, 99% are for a UK address. The system forces me to select a county which is not a compulsory data for delivery with Royal Mail for instance. When I use Royal Mail postcode search, you get addresses with no county. So now, I end up having to search Google with my postcode to find the county so that Cubecart allows me to save my manual order. Is there a way I could stop the admin to force a county selection for manual orders but leave it live with online orders ? Thanks S.
  12. Hi I noticed that macro {$DATA.link} does not work with some email templates, for instance, the Cart: Fraud Review one. Could someone help why ? I am basically creating a new email template for a specific order status in which I want to include the data link macro but it is not working. When I tested it, I got a blank space instead. So I tried to add it to the fraud review template and noticed that it does not work either. So I need to understand the logic behind it. Thanks S.
  13. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked before... I can see how to add Google Analytics to my store, but I don't want to use Google. I want to use Piwik, which works in a similar way. Piwik provides some javascript code that I need to include in each page that I want to track. It would've been nice if instead of entering just the 'Google Analytics ID' in the CC admin panel you could instead just enter the block of javascript that Google or any other stats/tracking provider gives you. But, it looks like I will need to do it manually. What's the bast approach? Should I be looking at editing the templates and/or the php? And will any changes I make be lost when CC is updated? Thanks for any advice you can give:) Steve
  14. Hi, I use last CC but new Invisible Google reCaptcha is not active on my store with foundation skin and still show Google reCaptcha how to active new Invisible Google reCaptcha? Thanks
  15. Hi, I need to hide or move out of view some stats given in the main page of the dashboard. This is purely for the simple reason that I am not the only one using the desktop and I do not want some people to see our annual and/or monthly sales. I do want to keep the info but out of sight and for my eyes only :-). What would you suggest I do ? S.
  16. Hi, Is this possible i remove recaptcha from checkout confirm and only keep it on contact, registration pages ? thanks
  17. Hello, I have been looking at the existing plugins in the marketplace and I cannot see one that offers a filter function. Maybe I missed it ? Basically, what I am looking for a filter function per category. For instance, once on category tee-shirts & tops, the customer can narrow down its selection by colour, size, fabric or gender. Very much like this website, https://www.joules.com/Womens-Clothing/Tunics-Tops?mmid=Women-_-Clothing-_-Tops, see "FILTER BY", or this one, http://www.crewclothing.co.uk/jackets-gilets/ , with the "refine" function on the left hand side. Many thanks S.
  18. Hiy guys, Just wondering if any one has ideas on this one. The homepage Meta Title and Description is overiding all the other meta description. I've screenshot what I mean under the images Meta title 1,2 & 3. So if I type ladies 60's costumes or ladies flapper costumes it brings up the homepage meta description and meta title. As you can see from store setting image I have the Product, Category & Document Meta Data set to Replace Global Meta Data but it's still doing this. Any thoughts? Is there something I might be missing or need to change. I enclosed screen shot of the SEO for the Flapper costumes. Cheers in advance Niall
  19. Hello, I want to migrate all my shops to Cubecart ... why? Because i use it many years and it is f* amazing!!!! Everything is just out of the box ... other shipping carts can learn from it. Specially the clean coding and fantastic structure (just like linux hehe). BUT i have a question .... Is it possible to make SEO path like this: www.domain.com/category-of-the-product/product-name-here And of-course without the .HTML. Please tell me how to fix this. Then i will move all my opencart websites to cubecart! Thanks!!
  20. Does anybody know if the following is possible with CubeCart Version 6.1.5 ? My client has a variety of products in his store (wymeruk.co.uk), which are for sale worldwide. However he has a couple of products that are currently subject to copyright dispute in the United States, although they have been cleared for sale in Europe and the Rest of the World. Is there an extension or code mod that can be installed, that will pop up or issue a warning message, preventing a customer from checking out if he/she orders one of these items with a delivery address in a certain country or group of countries? We are using the All In One Shipping module with Paypal and Sagepay payment gateways. I know that with the All In One Shipping module, if you order for delivery to a country that’s not in any shipping zone, you get a message telling you that the store cannot ship to that country – that’s the sort of thing we need, just something that prevents these two products from being purchased if your delivery address in in a particular zone. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hello, I would like to improve the customer's experience at the product options selection process. Basically, I would like to show the "out of stock" product options" in grey next to the option like such: SIZE: - UK 10 (shown in standard text colour) - UK 12 - out of stock (showed in grey text colour which cannot be selected) At the moment, all sizes are shown as if all are in stock, yet, the customer will only find out if the size is in stock once selected, the page does a reload and the out of stock message appears in the red box above the listing. It is OK but not the best in customer's experience. You will probably suggest that I manually remove the out of stock options but these will be back in as some items are part of the essentials range so stocked all the time so does not make sense to remove these plus very laborious task when you stock up to 9 sizes per garment. Thanks for your advice. S.
  22. Hello! Right now a quick search on my site (CC615) works in 'exact' mode: I have several goods with the word 'Tales' in a title and several goods with 'tales' in a title. When I search for 'Tales' I receive only goods with 'Tales', search 'tales' gives results with 'tales'. When I search 'tale' or 'Tale', I receive results with 'Tales' and 'tales'. However, I would like to receive results with 'Tales' and 'tales' in any kind of search ('Tales'/'tales'/'tale'). How can I switch search engine to 'like' mode? P.S. I merged #1520, replace a piece of code according to Dirty Butter and bsmither comments from /topic/52298-resolved-a-space-messed-up-a-search/ . Also I changed catalogue.class.php - replace fulltext on RLIKE in the line #1571 - public function searchCatalogue($search_data = null, $page = 1, $per_page = 10, $search_mode = 'fulltext') But it makes results worse - I received results only for 'Tales' or 'tales' words, but not for 'tale'. P.P.S. Unfortunately, I'm not a developer, so I can miss something obvious :-(
  23. Hi, I am using the AddThis plugin provided by Cubecart. I use it only at product page level. At the moment, the default position of AddThis on the storefront is just between the product description and reviews. I would prefer to have it higher on the page, like below the price for instance. I have been looking at the files of the plugin and my skin templates and it is not obvious. There is obviously a file calling on that plugin somehow but I cannot identify it. Would anyone know ? Thanks S.
  24. Hi,, Is this possible i create a PHP page which ONLY show small "box.basket" ?
  25. Working on my footer now, in the templates/box.documents.php, I noticed the following coding but I cannot see what it relates to. What are these "list item" and what's their purpose ? {foreach from=$DOCUMENTS_LIST_HOOKS item=list_item} <li><a href="{$list_item.href}" title="{$list_item.title}">{$list_item.title}</a></li> {/foreach} Thanks S.
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