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Losing customers due to Captcha being too difficult


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From an ex customer:



  I have just tryed to order magazines from your site, but have been defeated by the insane verification system.It's VERY hard to read, you are probably losing many customers. I am now off to a sane site to buy the magaines. I am now going to try to read your crazy verification code, to send this.    NAME [Probably an Ex-customer] Every time the verification code doesn't work, you have to fill everything in again.This is complete insanity. If you have codes people need to be able to read them! PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.


Is there anything we can use as an alternative?

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You and everyone else is totally frustrated with recaptcha! A word of caution - there's a mod available with a different method - but the seller has lots of complaints about not delivering, no customer service, etc. - so if you go that route please read feedback on the 3rd party forum before ordering.

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@Al - we use NuCaptcha on our Wordpress site, and it works beautifully. If you'd like to see if in action, try to leave a comment on one of our posts.




Here are the directions for how to integrate their code, but it is beyond me. PLEASE consider offering this as an alternative!



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Well, I just signed up for the 60 day Enterprise version, so will see what's involved. We do have one very small store running without SSL, so I'll try to test the free version, too.


It would be great if CC could work out some kind of "deal" with NuCaptcha. There's no need to re-invent the wheel.

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Just as I feared - emailed the company to get pricing for Enterprise level NuCaptcha - and it starts at $1250 a month! Well, can't do that LOL. But I did write back to the support person suggesting they work with the CC developers to come up with a reasonably priced plugin. Couldn't hurt to request it, anyway.

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Unfortunately that is too good to be true. We have tried similar on these forums with no improvement. There lots things you can try;


- Checking for user agent

- Image verification

- Checking for time spent completing a form instead of instant submit

- Adding hidden fields

- Asking questions like you just mentioned

etc.. (i can't remember off hand)


I would hope that if something like http://www.shapesecurity.com/ became strong and succesful there would be enough organisations, people and governemnts who  would invest in making it availabel to everyone for nothing or at a very small cost. I for one really hope it works out.

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I had a customer call me today to say she was human and the recaptcha was not working.

How many sales have I lost before some one took the effort to call me?

I had a go myself and it took 4 tries before I was successful. 

Is there an instructions we can give customers to help them? Is a space required between the two sets of numbers? etc.


Meanwhile I have turned captcha off and await a load of spam and some customers.

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