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NEEDED - Some way to know when an extension update is available

Dirty Butter

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As an end of the year wrapup, I decided to double check to see if any of my mods/plugins have been updated. I found several! Since the Extension icons for each one do NOT show what the latest version number is, I had to search for and then click on each one to see if I had the latest and greatest version.

I am SO spoiled by Wordpress!! SURELY there is some way for coding to be added to the Plugins page in Admin so it would be possible to scan the Marketplace for any extensions that have updates available and put a notice on the Plugin page. Automatic upgrading on click might be nice, but I do have a SemperFi plugin that I would need to update manually - so there may be others like that.

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I discussed this with Al earlier this year and he opened an enhancement issue for it https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/387 which you added a comment to :)  I totally agree though, a system similar to how WordPress works for plugins and skins is needed - we often have customers that report an issue that has already been fixed in an extension


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Great that this is on the to-do list Al.  Meanwhile I have been checking what can be updated. I am getting an error when I insert the new token to update a plugin.

A red bar come up and it reads, " Its not been possible to read the contents of the file."

I found that if I manually down load the files, the token works. I did a search of cubecart and did not find and prior art to this issue.

Any ideas?



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