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[Resolved] Blank Admin Page after server upgrade.

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Hi Brian,

My host graded and changed servers overnight.  Moving the files and the databases. All is working now except the admin page. All I get is a blank white page. I have read about this before and run the file ini-custom.inc.php.

I think I am running 6.1.3, two editions behind the current version.

The error log gives the first 4 lines of 37 as

[06-Apr-2017 10:04:25 UTC] PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: imagick: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20131226
PHP    compiled with module API=20151012
These options need to match etc see attached

I will put this to the host and see what they have to say, meanwhile any suggestions please.






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The techs at hostmonster say, " I do not think that error has come because of API number being different and this is a shared server error which shows server errors in error log which is not related to your server", when shown "module API=20131226 PHP  compiled with module API=20151012"
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I don't understand the reply from hostmonster support either probably because it doesn't make any sense at all !!  The saying "pay peanuts....." comes to mind.  The problem you are having is a server hosting issue with php extensions following a change in the php version - only your host can sort it


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Thanks to all that replied. I got onto Al Brrokbanks at Cubecart, who sorted it for me.

The answer was mainly due to some missing files in the admin folder, which were not transferred by the host. Yes, I agree with Ian, hosting support can be "hit and miss" with a lack of guidance by operators who sometimes know less than you.

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