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False links


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Google webmaster tools is reporting 2000 links from one of my web sites to another.

I have nothing setup to do this that I'm aware of.

I suspect something buried deep within the coding, as I may have used one sites files to build the other. (to save time with mods etc)

The report is saying thet the link originates from mydomain.com/login.html

Any ideas where to start looking ?

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I've downloaed the entire site to run a search against it.

I found two references, one in language\en\home.inc.php and another in lang.inc.php, but I suspect these to be old V3 files, so not relevent


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Unless you have given a utility permission and credentials to scan the file system of your hosted site, there is no way for anyone to know of the existence of those files.

And, as you say, those files are for CC3, not CC6. CC6 would not be executing those files.

There may be yet something unusual happening with that site.

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I'm getting a lot of reported urls in Google Webmaster tools that are not possible. I do NOT use the category in any product urls, and all my Webmaster Tool sites are https. But I'm seeing 404 links listed with this pattern:


 I'm also seeing this "impossible" pattern:


 Could this be the same underlying issue???

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It is very unlikely that a search engine (especially Google) will have old urls cached for more than a few weeks / months at the very most.  What is more likely is that these links may be on another website as links back to you and maybe that website's pages have only recently been added to the index.  Google will see the links on this third party website, cache them and try to follow them and then be getting a 404 as they dont exist


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Mine makes less sense even still.

Webmastertools is telling me that it can see a link to




Yet if I open up the page source, I see no reference, so how come Google does ?

Last spotted by Google 8 days ago.



similar story with other links.


I suspect this is something which is common to all pages, like the subscribe button ?

false links.jpg

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