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Display product image on home page with no link to item?


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Just a thought - that way, we could list upcoming items for which we do not have the full details, and adding to cart before we have set a price.

This would then allow the product images to fit within the template grid, without having to resort to using a document set-up.

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I assume you want to list a new product, but not allow anyone to purchase this item ?

The way we would do this, would be add the product as usual, mark it with stock level and stock level warning as zero, and check 'use stock level'

The description would say "Due in stock in May 2018"

You could then utilise something like 'Popular Products' or 'Featured Products' to showcase said item.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

However, I'd still like to find a way of having these upcoming items listed on the home page, above the in-stock products, so that these images can take advantage of the home page grid layout, rather than having to use the document option which doesn't work well when the home page is re-sized.

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Now I understand.


I'm not sure this is possible. However, I'm sure someone like Havenswift, Noodleman or Semperfi could write a mod.

Another alternative maybe would be to grab the thumbnail image and code this in to your homepage via the editor, a little like my Euro flag or Facebook logo.

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This would need a small edit to the skin.

There is a condition to test (something like {$AVAILABLE}) that, if true, only the picture can be shown.

Currently, if it is something like false, that makes the button say "Unavailable", but everything else shows.

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