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Best ways for driving traffic to your website

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Hello, I am still very new to cubecart, so my website is still very new.

I am just wondering, from your experience, what are some of the best ways you have found to get traffic onto your cubecart made website? Looking forward to hearing from you all.

I recently just found that twitter can be used to drive a instant spike in website visitors, even though it’s for a pretty short duration and they disappear again, but it’s a start. 😛

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Hi Josh,

I was fortunate enough to launch my website 15 years ago - when things were so much easier. It was so easy to launch a website and appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo back then!

Nowdays you will have to pay for advertising.

Google Shopping is brilliant though. Do you sell items that have a barcode, brand and part number? If so, you can advertise them on there for pennies per click. You can also do targeted adverising on Facebook (for pennies) - not that I have been completely successful with that though.

For small businesses, you have to think outside of the box. Be a specialist in your area. Write blog articles, contribute to forums. Do the things that big businesses can not do. Explain more about the products than any big e-commerce site could do.  Film explanatory videos for your products - and upload them to YouTube. Answer the questions that people are searching for the answer to. Write lots of good content.

All the best,













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@disco_ii_discoYou mentioned "Google Shopping is brilliant though" above... I've been looking into the Google Shopping, and I'd like to have that automatically update based off of a feed. I've found in the Admin page "Product Feed Access Password", but I can't figure out where the actual file is so that I can provide that link to Google.  Any ideas on where the file is, what it is called, and format? Any suggestions from your experience? TIA!

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