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Eror logs: Unknown or incorrect time zone: America/Los_Angeles


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39 minutes ago, havenswift-hosting said:

No, you need root access to be able to update this on the server - lazy hosting provider that cant be bothered to do a simpel configuration

☝️what he said. Most big hosting companies won't do it because they have set configurations across their whole network. They won't make an exception for one server as there are repercussions. 

You either need to find a host that supports this like ourselves or havenswift above or use a VPS that can be tweaked how you want. 

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This statement was added to recent versions of CubeCart so that the time/date which the database server calculates can be synced to the time/date that PHP calculates for your store. When not synced, it is possible for some misunderstandings to occur: the times shown in system event logs may be off by a few hours, Coupons may expire a few hours early or later than expected, and the time/date of when orders were updated indicating when they were shipped may cross over midnight to another day.

After careful analysis for your personal needs, you may wish to simply comment out the PHP statement that is setting the timezone (one in controller.index.inc.php and one in admin.pre_session.inc.php).

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