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Reuse existing product listings or create new ones?


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I have a store where the inventory is changing constantly with unique products.  In the past, I had simply taken a store item that had sold and reconfigured it to list a new, unrelated, item.  I would erase the custom SEO URL path to let CubeCart assign a new one that would be appropriate for the new product.  

I have found that Google index crawl is trying to find all of the former SEO paths that it had found at one time.  Should I:

  1. Continue what I have been doing, reusing old product listings?
  2. Create new products and only reuse old products listing when I have something that is an exact match to the old product
  3. Delete old product listings for items that have sold

or combination of above?

Thank you for your help.


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Please think about doing this:

Keep the product record for the product that is no longer available, but set its Status to unchecked.

Clone that product to a new product record, make appropriate changes, save. (The parts of the source product for cloning can be selected in Store Settings, Extra tab.)

This keeps the sales records straight. This strict bookkeeping might not be important to you now, until it does.

Keep the 404 result, but give some consideration to enhancing the 404 skin template to say, "That item has been sold, but view this category for similar products."

* I would say to redirect from the product's seo path to the category's seo path, but there is something stopping this from happening.

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In addition, go to Advanced | Maintenance and tick Rebuild Sitemap. Then go to the Google Search Console for your domain and under Indexing | Sitemaps enter sitemap.xml.gz and click submit. Any time you change your site, rebuild the sitemap, which Google will automatically re-read.

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