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  1. I highly recommend using the following settings: 1. Mode - Express Checkout Only 2. Enable In-Context Checkout Experience? - Smart Button You'll then need to get your Client ID form PayPal.
  2. It may happen again if your hosting provider are stingy with resources.
  3. It means that the server is essentially over capacity. It will probably settle on its own or you can block any offending IP addresses. We have web hosting plans available if you want top end CubeCart support and optimised hosting. More info here: https://hosted.cubecart.com/ Your store also looks like it's in desperate need of an upgrade. We can do that for you to respecting customisations.
  4. Deleting an image and uploading again via the admin control panel will work so long as the server isn't forcing the browser to cache the images too long. In the maintenance section you can clear the image cache. Do that and then clear the browser cache and it will work. If not then the image hasn't been changed.
  5. Agreed it should be changed but its not pulling in any insecure content so it shouldn't cause any issue other than a browser redirect to the secure protocol if clicked.
  6. I get the 403 error regardless of ISP. Tested with BT over WiFi and EE 4G.
  7. Go for the latest Maria DB. https://mariadb.org/
  8. When 3 colleagues lost their jobs, they followed their passion and set up on their own. Today, Production Gear sells professional-level broadcast, video and audio equipment to over 20,000 customers. Read the whole article below: https://www.paypal.com/uk/brc/article/Production-Gear-doubles-online-sales-with-PayPal
  9. We are in the process of updating all payment gateways to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) prior to 14th September. Please "follow" to this forum topic to get instant notifications and updates. Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area. The SCA requirement comes into force from 14 September 2019. The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments. Physical card transactions already commonly have what could be termed strong customer authentication in the EU (Chip and PIN), but this has not generally been true for Internet transactions across the EU prior to the implementation of the requirement. A number of our more popular integrations are already ready: 2Checkout Authorize.net SIM (NOT AIM!) PayPal Checkout PayPal Standard SagePay (Form) Stripe WorldPay (Pay Page) We recommend that merchants using the Credit Card Capture extension upgrade to a payment gateway supporting SCA.
  10. Get Google reCaptcha Checkbox turned on ASAP.
  11. Hahaha. I'm humbly sorry I got the wrong end of the stick. Don't give up... Have a beer.
  12. Yes you said that but you also said that "you shouldn't have problems". All I'm saying is that you WILL.
  13. Agreed that will work but not at the same time. If you login on computer A then login on computer B the next page load on computer A will show the login screen. That's all I'm trying to say. I agree that in theory as Ian said it should work but in reality it won't (or at least shouldn't). It's supposed to prevent session hijacking.
  14. It shouldn't be possible "at the same time". Calm down Ian! LOL
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