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  1. I asked Richard to post here as my knowledge in this area is poor. The website already has valid Schema Markup for products with review data. https://validator.schema.org/#url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extremeracing.co.uk%2Fsummer-one-piece-base-layer.html I can't see any reason why Google can't show the rating on their listing but does anyone know much about the criteria for this to get it showing? No doubt this is a fairly hot topic for all CC merchants.
  2. It's quite a complex landscape and I'm not quite sure we are comparing apples and pears here and the product and service offering isn't the same.
  3. No fee for taking card payments for you? So who pays visa etc? Can't be right.
  4. What do they charge and isn't there a monthly fee from your business bank account?
  5. But what are you comparing to? All card processors have fees. Stripe: 1.4% + 20p PayPal: 1.2% + 30p Square: 1.9%
  6. Isn't it 1.2% + 30p per transaction?
  7. Are PayPal's fees not competitive these days? I was under the impression they were pretty reasonable looking at the overall market.
  8. What changs in the PP commerce extension would make it work for you? Just default option and position? Using commerce will increase conversions as opposed to the old fashioned standard paypal integration.
  9. OK thanks for the feedback. I suppose the huge barrier with bank transfer is the huge upheaval of the customer actually doing it. Lost sales could make this a false cost saving.
  10. Hi Steve, PayPal Commerce combines Express Checkout, Card Payments, Alternative Payments and credit options. Really it covers everything so in most cases it makes sense to use as the only payment system in CubeCart. Saying this you can have PayPal Commerce with other payment options but it still will show as default. To stop it showing as default you can edit the file modules\plugins\paypal_commerce\hooks\class.cubecart.display_gateways.php and simply change the line below to false. What is the particular situation here that required a different default payment solution if you don't mind me asking? 'default' => true I don't see why we can't add a setting for this to be default or not from the extension settings page to be honest.
  11. Sure. If you choose the bank transfer or print order form extensions you can complete the order without taking payment. It would be easy to add a note to explain the process to the customer. We could do this for you on our managed support plan. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
  12. I wonder if a specific browser plugin could be to blame... messing with the DOM.
  13. So there must be another cache. A content delivery network proxy or something typically used by cheap hosting providers. Does the basket reliably hold its contents between page loads?
  14. Did you click the clear cache button? Top right in orange.
  15. It's not. This is a genuine ePay integration developed by the staff at ePay Hong Kong.
  16. Suggested cron to be something like; cd /path/to/public_html/modules/plugins/back_in_stock_notifications/cron/; /usr/local/bin/php -q back_in_stock_notifications_cron.php
  17. @Noodleman Do you think we can update the extension to remove the .htaccess deny from all in the cron folder? Reason being is that it allows for not only cron jobs like; wget -q -O - https://www.example.com/modules/plugins/back_in_stock_notifications/cron/back_in_stock_notifications_cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1 Edit but also a web service like Easy Cron.
  18. Thanks for this. Confirmed working. 1.0.4 released. I can't find a way to do that and anything in the documentation that looks like it can do that seems to break the request to build the iframe URL. Frustrating. Saying this. The silent post url should be triggered before the button is clicked anyway? Maybe I'm wrong.
  19. Thanks for this. Please let me know if the order status is updating to Processing once the silent post url has been set. When I built the extension it worked well but we have a merchant which it isn't working for. I'm currently cloning their store to test....
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