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  1. Did you follow the steps in method 1? https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003794198-How-do-I-upgrade-from-CubeCart-v6-to-latest-v6-
  2. This is predominantly a maintenance release with stability enhancement and improved PHP 8.1 compatibility. What's New? 72+ issues resolved including: Orders with notes given an icon in list view #3079 Orders can have multiple tracking URL's #3078 Image Alt and Title text now editable via file manager #3072 URL for scheduled tasks (cronjobs) such as currency update #3071 with hook for custom code execution Extension automatic update* #3059 Rest of world tax rule #2559 Lock language to subdomain. e.g. fr.example.com for French * This will only apply to extensions that have this feature enabled via the extension marketplace. Developers: To enable auto updates please login and edit your listing and check the box next to auto updates. Download: CubeCart-6.4.8.zip Download: CubeCart-6.4.9.zip - This version fixes upgrade/install issues faced by some merchants on specific PHP versions. CubeCart-6.4.9 - Changed FIles Only.zip
  3. Sorry I've only just seen this. Please email [email protected] if you still need help.
  4. Are you a merchant looking for a point of sale system for your CubeCart store? CubeCart are working with Zettle to integrate a point of sale system with CubeCart for a true omnichannel solution. The integration includes full product and stock sync with images allowing you to sell inventory via smartphone, tablet using the Zettle Go app and/or Zettle POS equipment. This solution will allow you to sell your CubeCart inventory in store, at markets, festivals, gigs... almost anywhere! If you are interested in trialling our integration please contact [email protected]. Availability: United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, France, Spain & Italy. Learn More: https://www.zettle.com Zettle Go App: Google Play Apple Store
  5. Thanks for this guys. I got my head around it.
  6. Thanks so much @eduardj I released 1.0.12 with your patches.
  7. Sorry if I was rude on GitHub @bos. My kids were driving me mental this morning and I was at boiling point. If you want to open a support ticket I can look at this. Otherwise these gentlemen may be able to help.. heck it could even be a bug but it doesn't look like it form the offset. .. back to support tickets for me .. it's oddly busy ATM.
  8. Thanks I'm looking at this on GitHub. I know the reason. It's caused by the hooks/controller.index.php file binding the JS to the </html> tag. I need to figure out how to exclude the email. Can you try this? https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/296fc41ee207c2f9e572ab802544658cad95f0c5
  9. Yes server config can be a pest if it's something you rarely do. Thanks for the enthusiasm. We will have a very powerful POS integration soon too which will be open source.
  10. Totally agree. It's all time and resources which can be hard to come by ..
  11. Have a look in the Documentation tab https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/paypal-commerce
  12. Why not? You can keep the store offline unless logged in as an administrator. Honestly it's worth persevering. PayPal Commerce will bring much better sales conversions than PayPal standard.
  13. Hi Will, welcome back. PayPal Standard is no longer available. It's a legacy PayPal product that is being phased out and rightly so as the Commerce product is far superior in many ways. I too develop locally and have been though the exact same issue. I expose the web server externally with port forwarding and a dynamic DNS service as I don't have a fixed IP address with BT Broadband. My ASUS router has free built in Dynamic DNS. You can then point a domain to your WAMP config and setup free SSL with https://certbot.eff.org It's a bit of a ballache to get configured but absolutely ideal once done. This may help you https://bobcares.com/blog/lets-encrypt-wamp/
  14. Great! Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Great work Dave!! I wish you all the very best of success with this.
  16. You can't see it? Oh it was only visible when signed in. I changed it just now. Annoying.. it's been like that two years unintentionally.
  17. When the phone number is missing it should show a link to the helpdesk article. Hence the <a href=" in the field. It's not working. There is no support paywall.
  18. Please see https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360006071537-How-do-I-get-PayPal-Commerce-to-return-a-phone-number-for-the-customer-
  19. That screenshot is too small to read the text. Your hosting company is guessing. The API is up to date.
  20. What kind of web hosting do you have? I think there is a technical issue here.. most likely something being blocked, rejected or not available.
  21. The paypal_commerce folder needs to reside in the modules/plugins folder.
  22. Strange. I've never experienced this. Maybe clear cookies and try again later. Sorry you are having problems.
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