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  1. I'm not aware of anything like this existing today, however I can probably build you something that would do what you want. What shipping modules do you use today? Essentially you need the shipping module (or modules) to be selected by some custom criteria. 1) Is the product or products they are buying in stock at the nearest warehouse? 2) What are the costs for delivery from the nearest warehouse 3) Ship remainder of goods from alternate warehouse if it's a split order Sounds like a fun thing to build.
  2. ah, yea two "selected" and it will always add the last one as the actual selected value. you can try removing "{$method.selected}" but not sure if this would cause an issue after somebody has actually chosen their method, I'm assuming it would. in which case, you can add some if/else logic, if the method = All In One, then do nothing, else use method.selected.
  3. you don't need to change the module for this, adjust it at your store theme. Default to "please select" for your shipping options, should be a simple case of adding that option before the foreach loop
  4. whichever you wish, it's a configurable. I can give you a SQL script to reset to defaults if you need that?
  5. it sounds like you have a local network issue, "DNS" looks up the IP address of the server based on the domain name, if your DNS server, or your internet provides server isn't working correctly then it will cause a problem. Try setting your DNS server to, the google one and check
  6. It is online for me at the moment and I was using it yesterday OK. Maybe your IP got blocked? https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk/
  7. https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images
  8. are you using a custom theme? it's likely built into the theme and passing the subscription request to the store via checkout.
  9. When Chrome 68 is released (in the next few weeks), it's going to flag all sites without SSL as insecure to end users, thus isn't going to be great for business or customer confidence.
  10. probably an ioncube encoded module and it needs updating.
  11. I think you read it wrong, you have 1004Mb remaining. Your DB is 20Mb
  12. UPDATE CubeCart_order_summary SET custom_oid = NULL; take a backup first
  13. just stumbled across this. I would actually suggest putting your data into their own DB tables, it's easier to manage and scale. the "config" is ideal for basic settings for a module, but not really intended for large scale data storage. Build a table for each data type, index it correctly and gather/update/insert your data as needed. In your example, I didn't see any code assigning MODULE_DINNER to smarty. Search for ->assign in random files within the classes directory to see how that works For DB usage (once your tables exist) You'll want to use the $GLOBALS['db']->insert(), $GLOBALS['db']->select(), $GLOBALS['db']->update() and $GLOBALS['db']->query() functions. select and query output arrays which you can send directly to smarty and loop using a foreach
  14. here's what I use on my site for http to https and also for non-www to WWW, although I recently commented out the http to https and just let CubeCart do it.
  15. It's used for social bookmarks. So if you have social modules installed it can add buttons/content
  16. I think it's meant to. it used to allow a https value on earlier versions, but mine does the same as well.
  17. hmm, that needs to be resolved, perhaps a disconnect between the admin filename or foldername and the entry in the /includes/globals.inc.php file. double check both match the names on your server. If you have no custom changes to the admin theme, try uploading it again from the installer, just replace the existing files.
  18. ok, figured it out. although you have SSL enabled, you are accessing the admin area over http. When you rebuild the sitemap it will use whatever you are logged into the store using, http or https. ensure you are in the admin area using https and it should work when you rebuild. I think this is a bug and I'll report it to CubeCart. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2087
  19. store URL in your screen shot is http://, not https://
  20. have you enabled HTTPS in your store settings? Which version of CubeCart?
  21. if your tech savvy you may want to think about a module or code snippit to sync the tax rules between groups, unless the intention is different tax per group. It's something I setup for most customers of the EU VAT module because everybody always remembers to change the retail price/tax, but never the other groups.
  22. check if your test customer is a member of any groups, if so you probably need to assign the right tax class to that customer group at the product level. Each customer group has it's own pricing/tax class definition at the product level. it's usually the issue.
  23. it should work just fine, are you using customer groups and have you configured those products with the zero rate tax class?
  24. I've used that strategy a number of times as the earlier versions of foundation don't have many JS features
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