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  1. I wouldn't recommend using that method. It won't consider images being referenced in either category/document or product descriptions. Those images will likely be considered orphaned and get removed. The module I will put together, hopefully in March will address embeded images as well as those directly associated with products/categories etc. In theory, filemanager contains all images found in the /images/source directory regardless of if it's in use in the store, so your process isn't really removing orphaned files. It's likely removing images which are not in sync with the store DB. yo
  2. no progress yet. I've got two active customer projects I need to complete before I can spend time on the module. I've already got the designed confirmed, I just need to put aside the time to make it. unless I get ahead of schedule over this week, which is unlikely, it's probably going to be sometime in March.
  3. I am going to release a module to handle this, I just haven't had time to write it yet due to have some commitments to custom projects for people.
  4. It's quite simple to put together a script to delete orphaned images, I've done it before although don't have anything to hand. I can produce this if required. I've used it in the past to clean up several thousand unused images.
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